Episode 11 - "Heroes and Monsters"

  1. Model - At 3:05, when Reese Chloris cuts an Atlesian Knight-200 in half with her hoverboard, the top half of the robot vanishes immediately afterward. The spark effect that is intended to come from the bottom of the top half is still present and falls through the air as the top half would have.
  2. Background - At 05:07, the background is layered improperly. (This was later fixed on the YouTube version of the episode.)
  3. Model - At 05:33, Reese is firing her revolvers at the Atlesian Paladin-290, but at the same time, she is standing on her hoverboard.
  4. Background - At 06:36 while all three are fighting, the entire ship is shown with only Roman Torchwick and Ruby, but not Neopolitan.
  5. Model - At 11:35, Scarlet David has two pistols, one is holstered and the other is held in his left hand.
  6. Model - At 11:50, Jaune Arc has two copies of Crocea Mors, one in sheath form holding a sword and another sword in his right hand when him, Ozpin, and Pyrrha Nikos leave the elevator.
  7. Model - At 11:52, Jaune still has two copies of Crocea Mors, one in sheath form on his belt, and one in shield form in his left hand.
  8. Model - At 14:12, The Long Memory and Miló and Akoúo̱ disappear.

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