I would die
Without regret, I'd offer up my life
With zero reservations I would fly
Into the sun if that would keep our dream alive

Deliver you from harm
Shelter in my arms
The fear will surely fade
Know right now the plan I made
Will guide us home
We'll survive this storm

I will fight...
...for you no matter how I am despised
Portrayed as cruel and heartless
I am might
I am power
I'm due process
I will smite

Our enemies destroy
Mettle I'll deploy
No chance that I won't take
My oath to you I won't forsake
Hope's not gone
Just hold on

Take my hand
I'm here to protect you nothing will stop me
There's no sacrifice that I won't make
I'll risk it all to keep you safe
Trust me to be strong
I'll be your hero
Just hold on


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