Heheh, I'll admit, I only come to these things for the food and drinks... and the extraordinary company of course.
—Henry Marigold

Henry Marigold is a guest at the Schnee Dust Company's charity event in "Tipping Point". He attempts to woo Weiss Schnee but only infuriates her with his lack of understanding of what the charity event is for. He also is a cousin of May Marigold.[2]


Henry is a young man with light-brown eyes and dull-blue hair in an undercut hairstyle, with the long unshaven hair swept to his left and hanging slightly in his face.

He wears a maroon dress shirt and black tie with a black vest decorated with a marigold flower design, silver buttons, and a breast pocket containing a red handkerchief. He also wears a pair of black pants and gray dress shoes.

His black belt is worn over his vest and has a silver chain connected to the front of it, with the other end trailing into his left pocket. On his index and ring fingers on each hand, he wears plain silver rings.


At first glance, Henry appears to be a nice, if somewhat uncertain, gentleman, approaching Weiss sweetly in hopes of wooing her. However, his confident persona quickly devolves into a nervous and stuttering young man as Weiss continually turns down or ignores his advances.

He is also shown to be somewhat ignorant or self-centered, as he appears to have been unaware that the Schnee-funded party was for a charity until Weiss points out that the art sale is for raising money. He admits that he simply showed up to have a good time and proceeds to take on a dismissive tone as he asks if the charity is for Mantle, ignoring the sign that says that it is for Vale.

Like most of his family and the majority of Atlas, Henry looks down on lower class citizens. Due to the passion his cousin May had for Mantle, he disowned her like the rest of May's family for supporting lower class citizens.[3] This left a negative impression of him on May as a result.


  • His surname is the name of a flower that is typically yellow or orange.
  • A "Henry" is the SI unit of inductance, equal to an electromotive force of one volt in a closed circuit with a uniform rate of change of current of one ampere per second.
  • According to character designer Erin Winn, his nickname during the design process was "Shitty Neptune".[4]


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