Volume 4

The Next Step

We've dealt with their kind before.
—Hazel, talking about Ruby Rose


Don't let such a small obstacle block your path.
—Hazel, to Oscar Pine after knocking a train ticket out of the machine

Volume 5

Dread in the Air

You don't like me. You have no reason to like me. But you don't have to like me to get the results you want.
—Hazel, to Sienna Khan
I'll take those chances, if you don't mind.
—Hazel, to Sienna
Nobody needed to die today.
—Hazel to Adam Taurus, regarding the murder of Sienna Khan

The More the Merrier

The White Fang is prepping demolition and securing the school grounds. No one's getting in, and no one's getting out.
—Hazel, to everyone

Vault of the Spring Maiden

You'll pay for what you did, you'll die over and over again!!
—Hazel, to Ozpin
He didn't tell you my tale, did he, boy? I thought you looked familiar, to think that evil was inside you when our paths first crossed. Your blood won't be on my hands, it'll be on his.
—Hazel, to Oscar


Hiding behind the face of a child? A monster like you must be stopped!!
—Hazel, to Ozpin
This... is your business, not mine. Fix it.
—Hazel, after Adam loses control of his side of the Haven assault

Volume 6

So That's How It Is

The Faunus Militia split our forces--
—Hazel, before Salem interrupts him
I take full responsibility.
—Hazel, to Salem
Ma'am. I have... more to report.
—Hazel, to Salem
Qrow and the children are taking the Lamp to Atlas.
—Hazel, to everyone
And they're being led... by Ozpin.
—Hazel, to everyone

Our Way

There's an old saying. If you want something done right... do it yourself.

Volume 8


That was for Haven Academy. Everything that follows... will be for my sister.
—Hazel, after beating up Oscar Pine


You don't need to fight this war, kid. Tell me what I need and we can be done.
—Hazel, to Oscar
Coward! All this time, it could have been you, but you let him suffer.
—Hazel, to Ozpin
Now tell us how this damned Lamp works. The boy has suffered enough.
—Hazel, to Ozpin
Salem can't be stopped. She's a force of nature. I've seen it first hand. But you, you send children to their deaths for a cause that you know has no victory, no end.
—Hazel, to Ozpin


That stunt you pulled. She'd have killed you if you didn't just pop up somewhere else. Still, you can make things easier on yourself if you start telling the truth.
—Hazel, to Oscar
We share a vision. She's gonna create a new world order, no Kingdoms, and no Huntsmen Academies.
—Hazel, to Oscar about Salem creating a new world order
When she came for me, I killed her over and over again. The longest she was gone was only a few hours, before she put herself back together. When I couldn't lift my arms anymore, she showed me that, through her, I could have the vengeance I needed.
—Hazel, to Oscar about how he first met Salem
Nice story. But if Gretchen's death taught me one thing, it was never to trust you.
—Hazel, to Ozpin


I've been thinking about what you said. If it's a lie and I took that lie to Salem, the punishment would fall on my head before yours. If what you said is true and I used the password myself, well, I don't know what happens when this thing activates. So let's see if you're bluffing.
—Hazel, to Oscar about summoning Jinn
What Gretchen would have done. And that starts with getting you away from here. Both of you.
—Hazel, to Oscar and Emerald after the former asks him what he plans on doing next
No more Gretchens, boy.
—Hazel, trusting Oscar to right his predecessor's wrongs
—Hazel's farewell to Emerald before facing Salem
I'm doing what Gretchen would have done!
—Hazel, to Salem before their battle
Do it!
—Hazel's last words.

About Hazel

Someone from my past. Someone who should not be taken lightly.
—Ozpin to Oscar, after "their" encounter with Hazel
Gretchen Rainart was Hazel's sister. Despite her brother's wishes, she enrolled at Beacon Academy to become a Huntress and tragically lost her life on a training mission. Hazel... holds me responsible. Please, let me fight. I know Hazel. He's wounded in a way that cannot be healed.
—Ozpin to Oscar, about Hazel's sister
His Semblance. He can block out pain. It's how he can handle injecting so much Dust into his body.
—Ozpin, about Hazel's Semblance
I don't need him to hurt, I just need him to go DOWN!
Nora Valkyrie, on the man who hurt Lie Ren
I don't know how that big guy is still standing. He recharges his Aura faster than I've ever seen!
—Nora to everyone, about Hazel in "Haven's Fate"
He's sheer willpower.
Qrow Branwen, on their seemingly tireless opponent
If Cinder's here, then, for all we know, Hazel's here, too!
—A paranoid James Ironwood, speculating Hazel's possible presence in Atlas

RWBY: Amity Arena

Hazel is an imposing man, but not an unkind one. For being one of the most dangerous people in Remnant, he is passive and of few words. Hazel does not relish the taking of lives and will avoid conflict whenever he can, but if you end up as his target... know that there is neither escape nor mercy. Losing his only family Gretchen to her training mission, Hazel denies that his twin sister's choice was ever hers to make. That the honeyed words of Ozpin, an immortal being long removed of the burdens of mere humanity, coaxed her to give up her life. A life Hazel so cherished.

How could an innocent and talented youth resist those seductive words? Talk of duty, untold glory, legendary exploits, and heroes of old? How was she to know that she was merely one little girl caught in a war between behemoths, immortals, GODS? Instead of dissuading her, saving her life, Ozpin gave HER the choice... to throw it away. In the end, what did her sacrifice change in this wretched world? What difference did any Huntsman make in Remnant? What were a few drops of light in this ocean of black?

Hazel swears that he would make Ozpin answer this question with his dying breath over and over and over again... as many times as needed.

"How many more children must DIE for you?!" -Hazel"
RWBY: Amity Arena
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