Participants Episode(s) Result
Hazel vs. Ren and Nora "The More the Merrier" Interrupted
Hazel vs. Oscar and Qrow "Vault of the Spring Maiden" Continued
Hazel and Lionheart vs. Ozpin, Qrow and Ren

"Vault of the Spring Maiden"

Hazel vs. Nora "Downfall" Lost
Hazel, Emerald and Mercury vs. Ruby, Weiss and Blake "Haven's Fate" Retreated
Hazel vs. Salem "Witch" Killed


In his early life, Hazel's twin sister, Gretchen Rainart, died during a training mission after she joined Beacon Academy against Hazel's wishes to become a Huntress. Following Gretchen's death, he met Salem, who he tried to kill. After realizing that she could not be killed, and being told that through her, he could have his vengeance, Hazel joined her group. As a result, he turned his anger towards Ozpin, who he believes is simply sending children to their deaths against something that cannot be stopped.

Also, judging by his comment "We've dealt with their kind before" in "The Next Step", he may have battled against Silver-Eyed Warriors in the past.


Meeting with Salem

Hazel, the strong and silent type

After the fall of Beacon, Hazel attends a meeting with Salem and the rest of her associates at her lair. He questions how a "novice" like Ruby Rose was able to defeat Cinder Fall, noting that they have successfully dealt with her kind before. Salem then instructs him to meet with the White Fang leader, Sienna Khan, to ensure that they fall into line.

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In Mistral

Hazel encounters Oscar in Mistral

Once in Mistral, Hazel helps Oscar Pine get a ticket from a ticket machine at a train station by hitting the top and forcing one out. He tells the boy not to let something as small as that hold him back.

Arriving at the White Fang headquarters, Hazel appears before Sienna Khan, stands his ground against her threats and is prepared to convince her to cooperate with Salem. To his surprise, however, Adam murders Sienna after enacting a coup to supplant her as High Leader. As Sienna's corpse is taken away, Hazel confronts Adam about his actions, angry at the needless bloodshed and not knowing anything about his plans.

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Eliminating Mistral's Huntsmen

Using information provided by Professor Lionheart (who had been spying for Salem's group), Tyrian and Hazel systemically eliminated almost all the Huntsmen and Huntresses in Mistral, aiming to weaken the kingdom and the leave Haven Academy and the Relic of Knowledge in a more vulnerable position.

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Attack on Haven

Hazel then arrives with the White Fang at Haven Academy on the night of the attack. As the White Fang set up for the attack, Hazel enters the building and seals the door shut, preventing any entry or exit. While he is reluctant to fight, he obliges as Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie challenge him for his obedience to Salem. However, their battle is cut short when Cinder impales Weiss Schnee.

Hazel attacks Oscar in rage.

After Lionheart is knocked into Hazel, he berates the Headmaster for a mere boy humiliating him. However, once he learns the boy is actually Ozpin, he drops Lionheart and his calm demeanor suddenly changes as he recognizes the cane in Oscar's hand. Vowing to kill Ozpin repeatedly, Hazel jabs shards of Lightning Dust into his arms and attacks, intent on avenging his sister, Gretchen Rainart, who he proclaims was killed by Ozpin. Though Oscar tries reasoning with him, Hazel refuses to yield and soon finds himself on the defensive when Ozpin takes control over Oscar's body. Ozpin lands a plethora of hits on him. Qrow Branwen also tries to intervene, but Hazel sends him flying with a lightning-enhanced punch.

As he easily overpowers a tiring Ozpin, Qrow, and Ren, he calls Ozpin a monster for hiding behind a child's face. When Nora joins the battle, Hazel overpowers her at first and sends lightning energy from the Dust through her skull, but she soon turns the tables on him through her Semblance and sends him through the wall and outside the Grand Hall. Rising to his feet, he augments his strength with Fire Dust crystals. When Blake Belladonna arrives with the Faunus Militia of Menagerie and the Mistral police and foils Adam's end of the mission, Hazel calmly informs him to resolve the situation himself. As he watches the situation outside continue to deteriorate, he is suddenly stabbed by the stinger of Weiss' Queen Lancer and pulled back inside.

As the battle resumes, Hazel destroys Weiss' Lancer with a fire and lightning projectile. But then he is drop-kicked by Blake, and he later roars in rage after Lionheart flees the battle. Hazel then fights with Mercury Black and Emerald Sustrai against Ruby, Weiss and Blake, but they are eventually worn out and on the losing side. When Yang Xiao Long emerges from the vault with the Relic of Knowledge in hand, Hazel growls in anger, realizing Cinder has failed and they have truly lost. After Emerald breaks down and unleashes a powerful hallucination onto the heroes, Hazel and Mercury make their escape down a mountain path, the former carrying the unconscious Emerald.

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A Wanted Man

One month after the Battle of Haven, Hazel's image is shown on a newscast. It identifies him as one of the perpetrators behind the assault on Haven and believes him to have fled the city along with Cinder, Mercury and Emerald. At some earlier point, he gathers information on Ruby's Group from Lil' Miss Malachite, learning that the heroes are taking a train to Argus.

Arriving back in the Land of Darkness, Hazel disembarks from a Mistral airship that docks just outside Salem's palace, leading Emerald and Mercury. After a brief encounter with Tyrian, he leads the children inside.

Hazel's punishment for taking the blame on the Haven failure

Hazel is then seen kneeling within the council chamber as Salem inquires about why the mission at Haven failed. Hazel tries to take the blame, but it only serves to incite Salem, who binds him to the floor with Grimm hands. After Salem releases him, he boldly speaks up about Ozpin's plans for the Relic. Realizing Salem is infuriated by the news, Hazel escorts Emerald out of the chamber.

Later, when Mercury and Emerald witness Salem creating an army of Grimm outside, Hazel explains to the two with an old saying: "If you want something done right... do it yourself."

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Arrival in Atlas

Hazel arrives in Atlas with Mercury and Emerald.

A short while after Cinder returns and gives the Relic of Knowledge to Salem. Hazel along with Mercury and Emerald arrive. Emerald sees Cinder, she happily runs towards her old master while Mercury and Hazel stoically stay behind. Relieved that Cinder seems to be alright, before the young subordinate can get any closer, Cinder rudely tells Emerald to be quiet. Tyrian makes a sarcastic remark towards both Emerald and Cinder. He then proudly boasts how he and Watts were able to bring the Kingdom of Atlas to its knees. Cinder merely returned to atone for her past failures. Cinder tells the other subordinates that she will take the Winter Maiden powers for herself, but Salem quickly tells the Fall Maiden to know her place. After Cinder reluctantly grovels before Salem, she dismisses her followers.

Much later, after the Hound is successful in bringing back Oscar to Salem. Salem questions the farm boy, asking him of the whereabouts of the Relic of Choice, and to the password to the Lamp. Oscar tells her he has no idea where the Beacon Relic is, but lies to her about the Lamp being used up of questions. Hearing his lie causes Salem to shoot bolts of magical energy at Oscar, causing him to scream and writhe in agony. Salem tells Oscar if he doesn't give her access to the Lamp, he will die. Oscar, weakly, but defiantly tells her she will never have it. Hazel walks into the room, Oscar tries to reason with him, but his pleas fall on deaf ears. Hazel beings to brutally beat Oscar, telling him that was for Haven Academy. He cracks his neck and says everything that follows is going to be for his sister.

Hazel and Oscar in the torture chambers

Later, Oscar talks with Ozpin about how they have been presented with an opportunity to sabotage Salem's group from the inside. Hazel enters the room, and Ozpin questions him about why he serves Salem, attempting to talk sense into him. There, Hazel explains he views Salem as a force of nature that cannot be stopped – having even "killed" her repeatedly only for Salem to return each time. They are interrupted by Salem, who has Hazel bring Oscar to the bridge, where Salem explains that Watts has contacted Tyrian and told him about how he worked with Ironwood to take control of Penny Polendina. She then briefly punishes Cinder for disobeying her and states that she has decided to change her methods to instead lift Cinder up. She orders Cinder to recover Watts and have him lead her to Penny while The Hound also searches for Penny. Oscar then attempts to warn Salem's subordinates that they are helping her bring about the end. The group watches as Salem makes her move against Atlas.

As the Battle of Atlas wages, Ozpin tells Hazel the truth about Salem and the curse of immortality placed on her by The Gods. Hazel is hesitant to believe Ozpin, so Oscar takes back control, tells Hazel how to use the Relic of Knowledge and tempts him to use the last question to find out for himself if Ozpin is telling the truth.

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Betrayal and Sacrifice

Hazel vs. Salem

Some time after, Hazel drags Oscar to the Relic's chamber. He tells Oscar that he's been thinking about their conversation, telling him that if Oscar lied that Hazel would be punished before him, and that if he wasn't he'd want Oscar in there as a security measure. Emerald walks in, but instead of intervening, she's also curious about what will happen. Oscar calls upon Jinn, who appears and asks if he has a question for her. Hazel tells Jinn he doesn't need anything answered anymore, telling the group he's going to do what Gretchen would have done. He tells Oscar and Emerald that he plans to get them away from Salem, telling them he'll come back for the Relic later. As they leave the room, a camouflaged Neopolitan appears from one of the walls, seemingly having heard everything, and moving to take the Relic for herself.

When Salem catches wind to Emerald's betrayal of her inner circle, finding and capturing her and Yang's Group, Hazel appears having heard the commotion. Salem assumes that he is still on her side, ordering him to take Oscar back to his cell. With this, Hazel lifts the boy up, and whispers in his ear: "no more Gretchens, boy."

Hazel's last moments before being killed.

With that, he turns around and sucker punches Salem, injecting himself with Dust as Emerald watches in horror. Hazel attacks his former master, giving the group enough time to escape as the two begin to battle. Salem quickly bests Hazel, but just as she's about to kill him, she senses Oscar using magic. She lunges at the boy, only to be caught by Hazel. As Shadow Hands begin to strangle Hazel, he bites into a piece of Fire Dust, lighting himself and Salem on fire. This distraction is enough for Oscar to unleash his spell, basking the three in a bright explosive light that is visible across Atlas. The resulting explosion destroys Monstra and briefly Salem, as well as killing Hazel.

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Following the battle, Emerald – who had, at that point, escaped Monstra with Yang's Group – kneels in the ashes of the Grimm's corpse, in despair over Hazel's death.

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