Throughout the production of a series, a lot goes on behind the scenes in regards to planning and design, which often go through multiple stages before resulting in the final version that is seen on screen. Some concepts and ideas can have an effect on the show and characters, and unexpected occurrences during production can also lead to changes and additions to the plans for the show.

Character Basis[edit | edit source]

Hazel Rainart alludes to Hansel from Hansel & Gretel.[1] This allusion has had the following influences on the character and show:

  • Hazel had a twin sister named Gretchen Rainart, who alluded to Hansel's sister Gretel.
  • Hazel was initially opposed to Salem, who alludes to a witch and was once referred to as such by the people of Remnant. Given that Gretchen trained to become a Huntress, she was also opposed to Salem when she was alive. This parallels Hansel and Gretel's conflict with a witch in the story.
  • Hazel ultimately sacrifices himself to temporarily destroy Salem through consuming fire dust and setting off a massive, fiery explosion. This act parallels how Hansel and Gretel defeated the witch by forcing her into an oven.

References[edit | edit source]

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