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The Haven Vault, also called the Vault of the Spring Maiden,[1] is a large underground chamber hidden beneath Haven Academy. It formerly housed the Relic of Knowledge accessible by the Spring Maiden.


Much like Beacon Academy, Haven Academy also has a Vault. It is a large cave under the school, accessible via a hidden elevator in the Grand Hall disguised as a statue bearing homage to Jinn. During the battle of Haven it was unlocked by Leonardo Lionheart inserting his pocket watch into the statue's chain.

Entrance elevator

The elevator leads down to a large platform resting over a deep chasm. The bottom of the chasm features a pool of water and the cave wall with a small hole that leads to the lower parts of Mistral.

View of the Vault from the lake below

The path on the platform leading up to the Relic chamber's doorway has three cyan circles on the ground with an ornate symbol in each of them that illuminated when Cinder Fall, Raven Branwen, and Vernal walked in.

The end of the platform features the door to the Relic chamber, an elaborate orange doorway situated in a rock wall. Behind it is a large tree with glowing orange flowers. The doorway is constructed out of golden fans layered on top of each other, decorated with a floral pattern. The door itself doesn't actually press up against the rock with a tree since there is a space between them.[2] It can only be unlocked by the Spring Maiden. When unlocked, the floral pattern starts glowing and lights up while the layers of the fan rotate until the gateway can be crossed.

The Vault dimension.

When the doorway is unlocked, it leads to another dimension with a vast desert and three circular stone platforms leading to a stone pedestal above which the Relic of Knowledge formerly levitated.

The entire location has an ethereal effect similar to a mirage. After the Relic was removed the dimension seemingly stopped existing as only a gate remained when it was revisited by Cinder and Neo.


At a point in the past Ozma used unknown means to create the Vaults that can only be accessed by their respective Maidens, to protect the Relics from Salem.

Battle between Maidens

During the Battle of Haven, Professor Lionheart, who sided with Salem, allowed Cinder Fall, Vernal, and Raven Branwen access to the Haven Vault to fetch the Relic of Knowledge.

When arriving at the bottom Cinder turned on her allies and attempted to steal the Maiden powers from Vernal. However, Raven revealed that she is the Spring Maiden and Vernal was just a decoy. The two Maidens then engaged in a destructive battle that damaged some of the Vault cavern and could even be felt in Haven Academy. Vernal managed to use her remaining strength to shoot Cinder giving Raven an opportunity to defeat Cinder who fell down the chasm, seemingly dead.

The lake at the bottom of the vault chasm

After the fight Raven opened up the Relic chamber but before she could do anything her daughter Yang landed behind her. The two had an emotional talk and Raven left with her Semblance. Yang then entered the strange dimension beyond the gateway and collected the Relic of Knowledge and left the Vault with the elevator.

Cinder actually survived the battle and fell into the lake at the bottom of the Vault chasm. She then punched the ground and the tremor made a small hole in the cave wall. She punched the wall to create an opening large enough to climb through and ended up outside lower Mistral.

Later, after allying herself with Neopolitan, Cinder brought her to the Vault and caught her up with recent events.


Former Inhabitants



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  • The statue in the grand hall that acts as the secret entrance to the Vault resembles Jinn, the magical being who resides in the Relic of Knowledge.
  • It is unknown if the path to the doorway illuminated because of the presence of the Spring Maiden or if it illuminates for any visitor.
  • The way the door to the Vault works doesn't make sense on purpose.[3]
  • The Haven Vault is featured in the DEATH BATTLE for "Ryu VS Jin (Street Fighter VS Tekken)". Some of the choreography is also similar. The animators considered adding Yang or Cinder as cameos but decided against it in the end.
  • The Vault is used as the arena for the Knights Chronicle RWBY crossover event.
  • The Vault dimension contrasts with Mistral's landscape. While Mistral is mountainous and green, the dimension is flat and barren.
  • The interior of the Vault is not a place on Remnant, but "something else".[4]


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