Volume 7

A New Approach

Exactly why I’m looking forward to seeing what you kids can do.
—Harriet, to everyone

Ace Operatives

Very cool. Though, based on your reaction time, I’d say I’m a little faster.
—Harriet, to Ruby Rose
I’ve seen other speed Semblances before, but that was different. I think there’s more going on than you think.
—Harriet, to Ruby about her Semblance

Pomp and Circumstance

We get along well enough, sure. I count on them to keep me alive. They do the same. But that’s the job. We "don’t" confuse the two.
—Harriet, to Yang Xiao Long about her Ace-Ops teammates

As Above, So Below

Try to keep up, kid.
—Harriet, to Ruby


Civvy transports won't be stopping anytime soon. If the general says he needs us now, he needs us now.
—To Team RWBY
We ran ourselves ragged trying to save Mantle tonight. We try that again against an even larger force...
—To Team RWBY

With Friends Like These

You heard the general. Until this is sorted out, you're under arrest.
—Harriet to Team RWBY
You think you're going to stop us. We're the best Huntsmen in Atlas.
—To Ruby
Oh don't give me that crap! I had you kids pegged right from the start.
—Harriet to Ruby
It's not excessive if it's necessary.
—Harriet, to Marrow
Marrow! Cut the crap, will you!?
—Harriet, to Marrow

Volume 8


If you keep refusing to do the right thing, people in Atlas AND Mantle are going to die.
—Harriet, to Penny
One more word, and I'm throwing you in jail right next to your uncle, runt.
—Harriet, to Ruby


If I open this cell, it won't be to shake hands.
—Harriet, to Robyn


I really had you pegged as the most level-headed of the bunch, but I guess you're just as naive. Feelings don't matter, the job matters. When you lose someone on your team, you move on. Replace them, like Marrow replaced Tortuga and Winter replaced-
—Harriet, to Yang's Group
You don't know anything about me!
—To Ren


If you don't shut your mouth, I'm going to do it for you.


If any of those brats have the nerve to come with her, we put them down immediately. The General gave his terms. No more games.
—Harriet, to the Ace Ops


Vine. Glad someone made it. Watch for a tail, I need to make sure this thing is still armed.
—Harriet, to Vine
It's the principle, Vine! It's about loyalty. Clover understood that. Clover would see this through.
—Harriet, to Vine
Don't you dare! Clover was... He was...
—Harriet, to Vine

The Final Word

Why can't you just let me do my job?!
—Harriet, to Elm
There's no time to make it out of the blast range... I've... killed us all... I'm sorry...
—Harriet, to the Ace Ops
—Harriet, before Vine´s sacrifice

RWBY: Amity Arena

Harriet Bree of our Ace Ops is undeniably one of the fastest Huntresses to ever exist. Speed Semblances are fairly common, but one of this caliber is unheard of. We have conducted many exams on her, and cross referencing her results with what is already known about Semblances helped us create a hypothesis. If Semblances are reflections of who you are, your soul, then perhaps Harriet's speed has something to do with her incredible impatience? Because nothing in this world moves quickly enough for Operative Bree.
RWBY: Amity Arena
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