They were all top Atlas Academy graduates, who could’ve signed up for the military, but Robyn and the Huntresses chose to stay in Mantle. She’s gunning for a seat on the Kingdom’s council, and when she gets it, she’s gonna put an end to Ironwood’s tyranny!
Forest, describing the group

The Happy Huntresses are a team of Atlas Academy graduates based in Mantle and led by Robyn Hill, who rejected Atlas and chose to side with Mantle.


The Happy Huntresses were graduates from Atlas Academy who were at the top of their class. They have amassed a following, one such fan being Forest.  The group all share a badge featuring Robyn's emblem. Other than Robyn, who uses a crossbow, they all use the same kind of weapon, a staff comprised of two crossbow type weapons.




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Trivia Edit

  • The group is based on Robin Hood's Merry Men.
    • Along with Robyn Hill being Robin Hood, Fiona Thyme, Joanna, and May Marigold share similar names and the same initials with Friar Tuck, (Little) John and Maid Marian.
  • In "The Greatest Kingdom", graffiti saying "Show your teeth" is seen around Mantle and is the Happy Huntresses' slogan.
  • The group members' names reference the season of spring.
    • Robyn's is pronounced the same as the bird, robins, which are a sign of spring.
    • Fiona and May's surnames, Thyme and Marigold respectively, are based on the plants with the same names. Thyme and marigolds are both planted and bloom in spring.
    • May is a month in spring.
    • Joanna's last name, Greenleaf, references the fact that green leaves return in the spring.



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