They were all top Atlas Academy graduates, who could've signed up for the military, but Robyn and the Huntresses chose to stay in Mantle. She's gunning for a seat on the Kingdom's council, and when she gets it, she's gonna put an end to Ironwood's tyranny!

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The Happy Huntresses are a team of Atlas Academy graduates formerly based in Mantle and led by Robyn Hill, who rejected Atlas and chose to side with Mantle.


The Happy Huntresses were graduates from Atlas Academy who were at the top of their class. They have amassed a following, one such fan being Forest. The group all share a badge featuring Robyn's emblem. Other than Robyn, who uses a crossbow, they all use the same kind of weapon, a staff comprised of two crossbow type weapons.

The Happy Huntresses first make a cameo appearance in "Pomp and Circumstance", spying on Ruby's Group and the Ace Operatives after their mission to the Schnee Dust Company Mine 2.

They fully debut in "Sparks", working with their leader to discover what James Ironwood's plan with the Amity Colosseum from Clover Ebi, Ruby Rose, Penny Polendina, and Qrow Branwen. In the episode, May Marigold and Joanna Greenleaf attempt to ambush the Huntsmen, only to be found out before having a chance to strike. The Happy Huntresses begrudgingly let the Huntsmen go whilst vowing to learn the truth.

In "A Night Off", the Happy Huntresses serve as security personnel for Robyn in her election celebration party, failing to identify Tyrian Callows as a threat. After Fiona is injured by Tyrian's attack and Jacques Schnee is elected, Robyn and the Huntresses become full-on vigilantes for Mantle's sake, stealing military equipment to fix Mantle's wall.

They participate in Mantle's defense during the Battle of Mantle. They appear to work together with Ruby's Group and Ironwood's Group to stop the Grimm invasion and defeat and arrest Tyrian. After Ironwood stops the evacuations in Mantle and declares martial law, the Happy Huntresses have a falling out with Ironwood's Group when Robyn attempts to fight Clover in the airship carrying Tyrian and in the ensuing fight accidentally frees him. Tyrian crashes the ship and Robyn ends up getting injured in the process and Tyrian kills Clover. When Atlas Soldiers later come to arrest Robyn and Qrow, they are both sent to prison after being framed by Tyrian.

After Robyn's arrest, The Happy Huntresses continued to operate on working on helping the citizens of Mantle that hadn't been evacuated to Atlas and worked on protecting them from the invading Grimm left over from the first siege. Due to Robyn's arrest, Joanna is shown to have primarily begun taking the role of leader of the group and together with Fiona and May began properly organizing the evacuation of Mantle's citizens to the center of the Crater under Atlas. May join's Ruby's Group when they reach the Atlas Command Center to get the launch codes for Amity Communications Tower and helps them by using her Semblance and getting an escape ship. Later May also helps them get Nora Valkyrie to Schnee Manor after she is injured to recuperate.

During the Battle of Atlas, Robyn manages to escape prison with Qrow. May later decides to return to Mantle after believing stopping the Grimm attack on Atlas won't help the situation in mantle. She leaves Ruby's Group behind at Schnee Manor, but when the group send Schnee Dust Company Drones to help evacuate the people of mantle, the Atlas Military send ships to destroy them. Ironwood then sends Penny an Ultimatum, either she returns to him within an hour to open the vault or he will destroy mantle with a bomb originally meant to destroy the Monstra.

Robyn and Qrow help Ruby's Group stop Ironwood's forces thanks to Winter Schnee and Marrow Amin both defecting and restrain the remaining Ace-Ops. After Ruby's Group use the Relic of Creation to create an Evacuation Central Location for the people of Atlas and Mantle to use to escape to Vacuo, the Happy Huntresses are among the first ones to use it. While Robyn and Qrow are restraining the Ace-Ops, Arthur Watts sends a hacked Atlesian Knight-200 and detonates it, releasing the Ace-Ops from Marrow's Semblance. Harriet Bree uses this chance to deliver the bomb to Mantle herself with Qrow, Robyn, and Vine going after her to stop her. Once the other Happy Huntresses reach Vacuo however, they end up caught in a sandstorm outside the main city and are attacked by Ravager Grimm.

Robyn, Qrow and the other Ace-Ops manage to talk Harriet out of bombing Mantle and Qrow manages to stop the bomb from falling out of the ship with his Semblance. However, Watts decides to arm the bomb himself remotely. Vine decides to sacrifice his life to save his friends from the bomb, with Qrow, Robyn and the other Ace-Ops forced to watch. Later, they witness the city of Atlas crashing into Mantle and both cities being flooded. As this happens, Robyn attempts to comfort Qrow when he can't contact his Nieces.


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  • The Happy Huntresses allude to Robin Hood's Merry Men.[1]
    • Robyn Hill alludes to Robin Hood, a legendary heroic outlaw originally depicted in English folklore.[2]Some resemblances include:
    • May alludes to Maid Marian, the love interest of the outlaw Robin Hood in English folklore.[3]
    • Fiona Thyme and Joanna Greenleaf share similar names and the same initials with Friar Tuck and Little John.
    • Though he has yet to be seen on screen, having only been heard via voice communication with Fiona, there is possibly a fifth member of the group named Crimson, who may allude to another member of the Merry Men, Will Scarlet.
  • The Happy Huntresses are something of a foil to the Ace Operatives.
  • In "The Greatest Kingdom", graffiti saying "Show your teeth" is seen around Mantle and is the Happy Huntresses' slogan.
  • The crew wanted to show how much the Happy Huntresses care about each other and about Mantle during the election rally.[4]
  • Paula Decanini states she sees the Happy Huntresses as an older counterpart to Team RWBY.[5]
  • The group members' names reference the season of spring.
    • Robyn's is pronounced the same as the bird, robins, which are a sign of spring.
    • Fiona and May's surnames, Thyme and Marigold respectively, are based on the plants with the same names. Thyme and marigolds are both planted and bloom in spring.
    • May is a month in spring.
    • Joanna's last name, Greenleaf, references the fact that green leaves return in the spring.
  • The known Semblances of The Happy Huntresses have their Aura manifest around their hands:
    • Robyn's Semblance covers her and her target's hands in a lilac Aura. Green when her target speaks honestly.
    • Fiona's Semblance emits a whitish-yellow Aura around her hands when storing in/bringing out objects.
    • In the episode "Worst Case Scenario", May's hands are covered in a blue Aura as she's projecting the invisibility field.
      • For unexplained reasons, this effect has been noticably absent during other moments we see May use her Semblance.


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