The Hana Guild, or simply the Hana, is a crime family in Mistral located in Kuchinashi, known for originally dealing narcotics until it was taken over by Vermillion Raddock. Under his rule, the organization has started to also deal with weapons.


The Hana Guild is an old and powerful criminal syndicate founded in the kingdom of Mistral, operating throughout the continent of Anima and centered in the city of Kuchinashi. The Hana became infamous for their dealings with narcotics throughout the kingdom, trading and selling opium through various dealers as well as contracting Huntsmen for illegal works. Some of their agents are former Huntsmen while others have stolen the licenses of Huntsmen that they have killed themselves.

Their sigil is a flower with various blade-like petals, which is reflected on their members, who tattoo various flower and thorn symbols on their arms. Their rivals were the Wave, a more recent criminal syndicate also centered in Kuchinashi that was known for dealing with stolen merchandise.


In the past, Abigail Pyre and Asher Mora preformed a job for the Hana Guild to retrieve an item for them and deliver it to two of their agents in The Skillful. Abigail gave Asher an empty box and asked him to deliver it to them for her. After they opened the box, they tried to kill Asher after he realized that Abigail set him up. This fight would be considered legendary and Opal later made a rule against fighting in The Skillful because of it.

Approximately 2 years before the start of RWBY, the Hana's leader was overthrown by a man named Vermillion Raddock, who suddenly slowed down the trade of narcotics to the underworld's confusion. The Hana Guild then began to make connections to the Pastel Company with Javi Pastel after the miner had seemingly uncovered some treasure in ancient ruins located at the Kuchinashi northern mountain pass. The Hana and the Wave shared an interest in Pastel's treasure trove, but the Hana was unable to purchase goods from him as Javi was killed by the Wave before they could reach an agreement.

On the day that items from Pastel's Estate went into auction, Vermillion made an appearance to acquire an item which allegedly was Magic in nature. His arrival at the auction caused a lot of unease with the others guests, but it appears he was sold the item before the other guests. After Lemon, the leader of the Wave gang managed to obtain the Magic Necklace, she orders the Grimm to attack Kuchinashi and destroy the enemies of the Wave. However, the attack only managed to get rid of a few of their enemies and there were rumors that Vermillion Raddock survived the attack.

Later in "In Search of Taupe", it was revealed that Vermillion did indeed survive and sent two of his agents to keep an eye on Takaya's resistance against the Wave and search for the magic artifacts. After learning that one of Takaya's students Taupe was investigating his agents, he orders them to capture him and send him to the Hana Guild's main compound to set a trap for Team SAFR. After they get the assistance of two of Abigail's best men, they infiltrate the compound while Fenix Nemean opens one of the crates stored there and finds it filled with weapons. After they find Taupe ties up and learn that it was a trap, Vermillion Raddock fights Fenix and Pyke Rite himself while taking notice of Pyke's unique Semblance.

Team SAFR attempt to fight Vermillion off and leave with Taupe, but as more Hana Guild members start to notice them being there and they fight him they start struggling when Vermillion uses his super-human abilities to fight them. Vermillion also takes an interest in the magic Gauntlet in the possession of Arrastra Skye. After they manage to get the door to the warehouses garage open, they attempt to escape with Taupe from the Hana Guild's main compound as Vermillion tried chasing after them. Despite Vermillion's superhuman speed, Team SAFR manage to successfully outrun him in their stolen convoy with Taupe and escape the Hana Guild's main compound.

After they escape, Takaya learns about what happened after he heard what both Razz and Fuchsia and Team SAFR know and realized that the Hana Guild know where their base is and believes that they might have to move again soon. Later when the Wave decided to ship out all of their remaining magic artifacts to the capital of Mistral through an aircraft, Team SAFR believes that Vermillion and the Hana Guild will appear to take them for themselves. When Team SAFR infiltrate the ship and reach Lemon's private quarters, they find her bleeding to death after she was attacked by Abigail Pyre who stole her necklace under orders from Vermillion Raddock. She also told them that Vermillion was collecting magic artifacts for his own master before Abigail took control of the ship and the team left Lemon to bleed to death in her bed.

After they fought Abigail and manage to steal the necklace back from her, Asher used it to control a Manticore to attack her which caused her to fear for her life. Later, Vermillion contacted the ship and threatened to blow it up if the Team didn't hand over their magic artifacts to him. After the ship began to crash, Asher controlled the Manticore to get his Team and Abigail out of there before being caught in the debris and getting knocked unconscious. When they awoke, both Abigail and the Manticore were nowhere to be found with Abigail implied to have been killed by it while they still had the necklace. Right as they learned this, Vermillion and members of the Hana Guild arrived and surrounded them with Asher planning on using the necklace to summon any nearby Grimm to attack them.

Before he could however, Huntsman reinforcements sent by Leonardo Lionheart arrived to help the situation in the city and forced the Hana Guild to retreat with Vermillion swearing to personally hunt down Team SAFR himself.

Notable Members

Vermillion Raddock

Vermillion is the new leader of the Hana Guild, having first appeared in "Heists and Holidays!" as the Hana Guild's representative in the auction in Pastel's Estate. He is a tall man who wears an animal mask and a red leather cloak, commanding the room when he enters it with a deep voice.

Not much is currently known about him, though he pulled the organization away from dealing narcotics and taking an interest in magical relics in Kuchinashi. It was originally unknown if he survived the Wave's attack in the Pastel Manor. However, there were rumors that he did indeed survive it in Can You Hear Me Now? and was shown to be alive in "In Search of Taupe". Lemon later revealed to Team SAFR that Vermillion was trying to obtain the Magic artifacts under the orders of his own master.

He is likened to the character of Bane from the DC Comics movie, The Dark Knight Rises.

Agents and Dealers

Hana agents and dealers are known for having various tattoos of flowers and thorns in their arms, much like how members of Spider have spider tattoos on their bodies. Some of them are former Huntsmen while others have stolen Huntsmen licenses from the Huntsmen that they have killed.

Two of their agents, Razz and Fuchsia were sent undercover by Vermillion Raddock to act like students in Takaya's resistance and keep an eye on them while looking for artifacts. After Taupe becomes suspicious of them, Vermillion orders them to capture him. After Team SAFR learns about this, they threaten them to report their actions to Takaya under the threat of death.

Former Members

Unnamed Leader

Approximately 2 years before the start of RWBY, the previous Hana Guild leader was succeeded by Vermillion Raddock. While their whereabouts are unknown, it is implied that Vermillion killed them to take their place as the leader of the Hana Guild.

Abigail Pyre

Abigail Pyre was the leader of The Hearth, a guild of thieves and assassins. While she originally was an enemy of the organization, it was revealed in "When Life Gives You Lemons" that she was ordered by Vermillion Raddock to kill Lemon and bring him her magic artifacts to him. She was later killed after the Wave's ship crashed and a Manticore was released from Asher Mora's control.

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  • In Japanese origins, the name Hana is usually translated as "flower".