Gwen Darcy[1] is a member of Team NDGO. Gwen and her team fight Team SSSN in a match of the Vytal Festival Tournament in the episode "New Challengers...".


Gwen is a young female with lightly tanned skin, curly black hair pulled back from her face into ringlets, and brown eyes with purple eye shadow.

She wears a black corset dress with a dark gray front, purple hem and purple laces on the back. She wears a light gray top with short sleeves and black cuffs. Her top also has a high gray collar that appears to be armored. Her belt is a long purple ribbon edged in gray, with a bow in the back and tied in the front, and connected to the belt are a pair of armor tassets that also act as storage for her weapon. Her shoes are flats and ribbons.

She also wears light gray stockings and pale gray ballet flats,[2] with ribbons around her lower legs.


As one of Shade's Vacuan students, Gwen is mentioned as being one of the greatest critics of the other schools, unimpressed by their failures to protect Haven Academy and Beacon Academy, thus choosing to torment and harass them about it.[3]

Powers and Abilities


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Gwen's weapons of choice are her Throwing Knives, which she keeps concealed in her armored skirt. Her fighting style seems to resemble ballet, as she spins around on her axis in order to give her throwing knives added momentum. She is often seen throwing three knives at a time.


  • Darcy is an Irish and Gaelic name meaning "dark", which brings to mind dark and black colors.
  • Gwen is a Welsh name meaning "white", "fair" and "blessed".
  • Gwen and the rest of Team NDGO were created by a group of fans who backed Rooster Teeth's Lazer Team Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Gwen is voiced by her creator, Mylissa Zelechowski,[4] who is listed as "Team NDGO Character Consultant" in the credits of the episode.
  • Gwen being a ballet dancer is inspired by the fact her actress and creator, Mylissa Zelechowski, a ballet dancer. Her shoes are flats and ribbons and not pointe shoes due to a specific requested by Mylissa so that cosplayers do not put themselves at risk for injury for the sake of accuracy. Her combat style is similarly influenced by Zelechowski's background as a ballet dancer, though this was something done by the animation team taking reference from Mylissa's history.[5]
  • Mylissa Zelechowski, creator and voice of Gwen, has stated that her headcanon for Gwen's sexuality is that she is asexual, along with Nebula and Dew.[6] However, this has yet to be publicly confirmed by Rooster Teeth.


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