This was it. This had to be it, the brothers Grimm, the pools of black that continued to give rise to horrific nightmares. If the fountain of life granted her immortality, then surely, the pools of Grimm will finally take it away.

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A Beowolf rising from the liquid

Grimm Liquid is a mysterious substance capable of spawning Creatures of Grimm.


Pools of this black tar-like substance appear in numbers in the Land of Darkness. The Wyvern also showed the ability to exude the substance from its skin. When droplets of the substance impacted the ground, lesser forms of Grimm, including Creeps, Beowolves, Sabyrs[1], and Ursai rose from the black liquid.


The liquid is first seen in "Battle of Beacon" when the Wyvern secretes some of it. When it hits the ground many Grimm spawn from it.

In the episode "The Next Step", the births of Grimm are depicted, with Beowolves emerging from black pools in the Land of Darkness.[2]

In "The Lost Fable" it is revealed that the God of Darkness resided in a pool of Grimm Liquid before leaving Remnant. Salem threw herself in the pool in her last attempt at taking her life, but as she was immortal it instead transformed her into the being of darkness that she is now.

In the post-credits scene for "Our Way", a Beringel is seen emerging from one of the pools right before Salem uses her magic to give it wings.




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