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Griffons are large, flying Creatures of Grimm with traits of both avian and feline animals. They made their first appearance in "Battle of Beacon", attacking Amity Colosseum.


The Griffon has the head, wings and talons of a large predatory bird and the rear legs, tail and body of a lion or tiger. It has black fur and feathers, with white bone-like spines on its body, including a row of bony spikes on its wings, as well as a white birdlike skull. On its head, it has a bone-white beak and four red eyes, along with gray webbing on the sides of its beak.


During the massive Grimm invasion of Vale in "Battle of Beacon", these flying creatures entered the city. Several landed on Amity Colosseum and began attacking the students gathered there, but they are stopped by Professor Peter Port and Doctor Bartholomew Oobleck, who heroically held them off as the students escaped.

A few more Griffons were also seen in Beacon's courtyard, with one notable Griffon seemingly unaffected by Coco Adel's Gatling bullets, which destroyed Death Stalkers and Nevermores in the previous invasion. A giant Griffon was responsible for swallowing Roman Torchwick in "Heroes and Monsters".

Powers and Abilities

Their abilities are not currently known, for they have not been seen in direct combat. They are capable of flight and have sharp talons and a large beak with which to attack.


  • Griffons (also spelled griffin or gryphon) are legendary creatures possessing traits of eagles and lions.
  • These creatures were designed by production/concept artist Erin Winn.[1]


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