Green is a character from RWBY: Before the Dawn. He is a Huntsman hailing from Shade Academy and served as an unwilling enforcer for the Crown.


Green is a tall man with a broad build who wore a green muscle shirt, along with a silver armband and gas mask that matches his partners.

Powers and Abilities

Green is shown to be a wrestler in terms of raw hand to hand combat.


He has a Semblance that let him produce a foul-stenched Smoke from his skin which causes nearby people to choke. It provided a perfect tool for getaways.


Some time before the beginning of the novel, Green was put under mind control by Jax Asturias to serve under the Crown. He is one of three criminals who fight Sun Wukong along with Rosa Schwein and Argento Pocoron after he spots them stalking a woman in a nightclub. At first seeming to be simple thieves in masks, they are shown out to be formidable opponents who are described as invincible by Sun, and later Velvet Scarlatina and Yatsuhashi Daichi who assist him. The trio escapes after Team CFVY makes an appearance.

During patrol, Fox Alistair and Coco Adel spot a merchant is stalked by Green and Argento, who attempt to kidnap him. The Huntsmen intervene, in which Fox notices the assailants have almost identical Auras. A chase ensues, leading the group to an abandoned building. Inside, Fox senses around 50 Auras identical to the two, one more familiar - Xanthe Rumpole’s. Green and Argento escape, and Coco decides to confront Rumpole the next day.

Green is present in the room when Yatsuhashi and Neptune Vasilias sneak inside The Mirage.

He participates in the Battle of Shade, and upon the Crown's defeat, his mind control is released and resumes normal activities.



Color Naming Rule

  • The name Green refers to the color green.


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