The Grimm you see before you are so powerful, so superior to the Grimm you fought, that they've undoubtedly lived hundreds of years.

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Goliaths are giant elephant-like Creatures of Grimm that first appeared in "Search and Destroy". It is the cousin Grimm of the Megoliath in the continent of Solitas.[1]


These Grimm bear much resemblance to modern day African Elephants. They have a primarily black body, with giant, white tusks and a white and red patch on their foreheads. Like most Grimm, they have bony, white protrusions on their bodies, with a massive row of them going down their spines.

The Goliath is one of the largest land-based Grimm seen yet, standing at 20 stories tall at the shoulders.[2] They also seem to travel in herds, as seen in "Search and Destroy".


A herd of Goliaths in the wasteland outside Mountain Glenn

In RWBY: After the Fall, a Goliath singlehandedly outright flattens the settlement of Lower Cairn near Mountain Glenn. Later, it rampages and crushes a cave, killing Rhea, Leander, Phoebe, Helen, and Clio Gray as they try to hide from the enormous Grimm. The Goliath's appearance causes Team CFVY to retreat, failing their rescue mission.

They are seen briefly in "Search and Destroy", during the latter half of the episode, in which Bartholomew Oobleck and Ruby Rose observe a herd walking around the borders of the abandoned city of Mountain Glenn. Oobleck states their lack of hostility, due to their learning of the consequences of Human conflict.

Yet despite this unusual display of restraint, Goliaths still never seem to stray far from the Kingdoms' borders. When Ruby asks why, Oobleck simply states that they are "waiting"; however, what exactly they are waiting for is currently unknown. One member of the herd appears to notice Oobleck and Ruby, glaring at them for a short period of time before rejoining its herd.

In "Fall" and "PvP", a few Goliaths travel through Mountain Glenn's streets towards the city of Vale's immediate borders. Goliaths are seen entering the ruined Beacon Academy in "End of the Beginning".

Powers and Abilities

These Grimm's abilities are currently unknown; however, it is known that they possess great power (to the point where even shots from a sniper rifle would be only a minor irritation) and a greater intelligence than the average Grimm (learned over the span of hundreds of years), as they stopped attacking Humans once they figured out that repeated attempts to kill them resulted only in death.

According to RWBY: After the Fall, a Goliath's standard form of attack is to outright flatten people and landscapes beneath their feet. They are capable of crushing villages and villagers like bugs.


  • The Goliaths seem to be based on African elephants, based on their ear size.
    • However, their curved tusks more closely resemble those of mammoths.
  • Their name derives from the Philistine giant Goliath from Abrahamic religions.
    • The word Goliath is now often used to describe something incredibly large and powerful.
  • Volume 7 introduced Megoliaths, based on Mammoths. Both are based on Elephantidae and have a similar name, the species of Grimm are described as cousins.


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