Volume 6

The Lost Fable

I understand your pain, but you demand of me that which I cannot make so. Life and death are part of a delicate balance.
—God of Light, to Salem
I know we have our differences, but I have not come here with the aim to control you. The same, however, cannot said for her. This woman came to you only after I denied her pleas – pleas that would have disrupted the balance that you and I created. Together.
—The God of Light telling the God of Darkness the truth the about Salem
This planet was a beautiful experiment, but it is merely a remnant of what it once was. We will learn from this failure. I hope that you will learn from yours.
—God of Light, to Salem
If brought together, these four Relics will summon my brother and I back to your world, and Humanity will be judged. If your kind has learned to live in harmony with one another and set aside their differences, then we shall once again live among you, and Humanity will be made whole again. But if your kind is unchanged, if you demand our blessings while still fighting amongst yourselves, then man will be found irredeemable and your world will be wiped from existence. Until your task is complete, you will reincarnate, but in a manner that ensures you are never alone.
—God of Light, to Ozma
Very well. Our creation rests within your hands.
—God of Light to Ozma, before his departure
Minor Characters
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