The God of Light created the world that would become Remnant with his younger brother, the God of Darkness, using the ideals of creation, destruction, choice and knowledge as the foundation.

Before Remnant

The God of Light refuses Salem's plea to bring Ozma back to life.

One day, a Human named Salem approached him in the Domain of Light. She begged him to bring her beloved Ozma back from the dead, but he denied her, saying he must maintain the balance of life and death. Salem went to the God of Darkness to request the same of him, and the God of Light appeared in his domain after his brother granted Salem her wish. As tensions escalate, the brothers feud in their draconic forms until the God of Light states that Salem came to his brother only after him denying her request.

Afterwards, the God of Light transports Salem to his domain before she retaliates, where he tells her that he cursed her with immortality. He along with his brother state that they did so as a punishment and only by learning the importance of life and death will she be able to rest. Angered, Salem calls the people of the world to denounce the Gods, finding promise in her immortality. When an army arrives at the Domain of Light and attacks them with magic, the God of Darkness harnesses their onslaught and crushes it, killing every Human except for Salem. The God of Light gives a damning farewell to Salem and departs Remnant.

The God of Light assigns Ozma his task.

He calls Ozma from the afterlife in an alternate realm between worlds and requests that he return to Remnant to unify the changed world. He creates four Relics - Creation, Destruction, Choice and Knowledge - to aid Ozma in this goal. Ozma accepts, but the God of Light warns him not to seek out Salem, as she is no longer the person he remembers and doing so will only bring about pain.

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