He along with his brother used to love Humanity until Salem manipulated Humanity and turned them against the Gods. He considered the world that would become known as Remnant to be a beautiful experiment. He could never detach himself completely from his grand design, as he tasked Ozma with the mission to redeem mankind, displaying his continued devotion to his creations in spite of his profound disappointment in them.


God of DarknessEdit

The God of Light is the older brother of the God of Darkness. Despite their differences, and his brother's own hostility towards him, he cares for his brother deeply. He even attempted to tell him the truth about Salem. In turn, the God of Darkness came to his brother's side during Salem's rebellion.



When the God of Light first met Salem, he refuses to revive her deceased lover and tells her that she should move on. The God of Light along with his brother cursed Salem for her selfish and arrogant desire to revive Ozma. He initially felt pity for the grieving woman, but his sympathy did not override his imperative to maintain order. However after humanities destruction at the hands of his brother and before leaving Remnant, the God of Light,despite everything hoped that Salem could still learn from her mistakes despite everything that happened, showing that he still felt a sense of sympathy towards her.


After his brother destroyed humanity, he gives Ozma a task to bring peace to humanity while he and his brother left the world. He also gave Ozma the choice to accept reincarnation and to stop Salem's actions or to return to the afterlife. The God of Light appeared to respect Ozma, choosing him for this task, likely due to his role as a catalyst for so much of what had happened.


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