The God of Darkness created the world and Humanity with his older brother, the God of Light, using the ideals of creation, destruction, choice, and knowledge as the foundation. He also created the Creatures of Grimm, to serve as his ultimate agents of destruction.

Before Remnant

One day, after being turned down by his brother, a Human named Salem came to his domain to request his aid in resurrecting her beloved, Ozma. Intrigued and satisfied to finally have what he thought was a follower of his own, he granted Salem's request and resurrected Ozma. However, the God of Light promptly arrived and accused his brother of violating the rules they set up together.

Angered by this intrusion, the God of Darkness accused his brother of trying to control him. However, before a fight could break out, the God of Light informed his brother that Salem only came to him because he had first denied her request. After apologizing, the God of Darkness promptly killed Ozma himself. After the God of Light transports Salem to his domain, the God of Darkness stands beside him as they explain their punishment for Salem by cursing her with immortality.

Sometime later, when Salem returns to the Domain of Light with an army, the God of Darkness comes to his brother's aide, and when the Humans use their magic against him, he easily negates their attacks and harnesses them for his own. Annoyed by them using his own gift to them against him, the God of Darkness, with a single motion, casts a planet-wide spell that wipes out the entirety of Humanity.

The God of Darkness shatters the Moon

After Salem reforms, he looms over her, informing her that he destroyed all of Humanity in that act to her horror. After his brother leaves, the God of Darkness coldly notes Salem still making demands of them, before flying up off the planet's surface, crashing through the moon in the process before vanishing.

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