Rules that I now see are ever in your favor. And yet the day a mortal comes to pray at my feet before your own, so do you arrive to lay your judgement upon me!
—God of Darkness

The God of Darkness is one of the two Gods who created Remnant and the younger brother of the God of Light. He formerly resided in the Land of Darkness.


In his humanoid form, the God of Darkness appears as a slim male with curved, segmented horns on his head that arc back and curve upward. His form is a deep purple that seems to draw in surrounding light. Like his brother, the Dark God's face is utterly devoid of features, though humanoid contours are present.

In his draconic form, he appears as a large, real-world Western traditional, four-legged dragon with two wings whose membranes are frayed and dotted with multiple holes in them, and even more ornately spiraled horns. His overall body is skeletal, with a face like a skull with empty eye sockets, and a row of bone-like spines that run the length of his body.


The God of Darkness is a proud, unforgiving, and temperamental entity. When Salem lead an army against him and his brother, he committed genocide without a second thought, showing that although he is attached to his creations, he will not hesitate to put them in their place.

Though proud, he is not above apologizing to others, such as when he retaliated against his brother for a perceived attack upon his authority within his own home. This instance of humility shows his more reasonable and diplomatic side.

He seems to have more of a taste for the theatrical, in contrast to his much more straightforward brother. This is shown when they were both killing Ozma, the God of Darkness used a massive dragon breath while his brother simply waved his hand and made him disintegrate. Similarly, as they were leaving Remnant, the God of Light teleported away while the God of Darkness chose to fly away in a ball of energy, crashing through the moon in the process despite it being one of his past creations.

He is somewhat jaded and cynical, basking in the pleas of Salem, who came to his domain in her quest to bring Ozma back to life. He graciously resurrected the hero twice against his brother's wishes. However, when made aware of Salem's manipulations, he killed the young man, showing his contempt for being controlled by others.

In addition to this, he appears to be somewhat jealous of his elder brother and all of the positive attention that Humanity constantly gives him and has implied that he would also like to receive similar worship and faith. This simple sibling rivalry was likely the reason why he was so quick to agree with resurrecting Ozma for Salem.

He can be casually destructive; when he departed Remnant with his brother, his exit shattered the moon and caused massive devastation by way of a meteor shower.

In spite of his darker nature and jealousy towards him, he is still loyal to his brother, coming to the God of Light's side during Salem's rebellion in order to defend him.

He was also shown to be caring and possibly protective when it came to his own creations, the Creatures of Grimm. After his truce with his brother, the God of Darkness chose to live in the Land of Darkness among his own creations as opposed to anywhere else. When Salem arrives at his temple, a pack of Beowolves can be seen living peacefully in the main chamber. Later, after wiping out all Humans on the planet except for Salem, the God of Darkness notably leaves the Grimm alive.

The Two Brothers reveals more of the God of Darkness' personality; in the fable, the God and his brother both thought they were the original, butting heads but ultimately only feeling complete when they were with one another. The God of Darkness took the role of the younger brother, as he frequently mimicked his sibling. The God of Darkness saw Humanity as mere playthings for himself and his brother, not giving them much thought other than as entertainment. Despite this, he was interested in their limits and admired their resourcefulness, throwing challenges at them in the form of the Grimm – who he created in secret even after agreeing not to with his brother, proving his fondness of them.


The Animal God

In the Fairy Tales of The Shallow Sea and The Judgment of Faunus, The God of Animals is a shapeshifting Faunus deity appearing in creation myths of Remnant. However, the god's existence is questionable as to whether it is true, but they are described in The Shallow Sea as having ram horns when revealing themselves and having branching horns in The Judgement of Faunus, indicating they may be the Brothers in disguise.

The Two Brothers

The Two Brothers is a fairy tale detailing more information on the Brother Gods. As detailed in the story, in the beginning of time, a lone Dragon traveled the universe in search of other beings like himself. Overcome with loneliness, the Dragon decided to create one himself. Despite being all powerful, even the Dragon had to split its magic in half – into two symmetrical forms, one of light and the other of shadow. Each side thought they were the original and the other was the copy. Despite different personalities, they were ever only complete when they were together.

The events of the fairy tale play out similarly to the Brother Gods' story from then, with the notable exclusion of Salem's role in their departure of the world and the fact that they become continents of Remnant rather than abandoning it.

Powers and Abilities

The God of Darkness shatters the moon as he departs Remnant.

While the majority of his abilities have yet to be laid bare, the God of Darkness is an unfathomably powerful being whose power transcends the mortal world. As a being of destruction, he is naturally attuned to its forces.

He has the ability to shapeshift between a humanoid and draconic form, the power to create sentient life, recall a soul from the afterlife, teleport and unleash massive waves of magical energy. He is precise enough with it that only those he target are affected, such as when he vaporized an entire species on a global scale while leaving everything else untouched, or when he unleashed a torrent of energy to kill Ozma while leaving Salem unharmed despite her holding on to him. In addition, he can manipulate matter and energy to a great extent, such as creating a physical body for Ozma's soul that is identical to the one he originally possessed. He is also the one who bestowed magic to Humanity.

While in his dragon form, the God of Darkness possesses the power of flight, immense physical strength and the power to breathe a torrent of dark energy from his body. His physical powers are of such magnitude that he was capable of shattering the moon with no discernible care or effort.



  • He and his brother both allude to the the Brothers Grimm, who are often thought to have created the classic fairy tales.


  • In Live From Remnant, it was joked that after abandoning Remnant he and his brother went to make their own planet with Blackjack and hookers, which is a reference to the animated show Futurama.


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