Beacon Academy

Glynda Goodwitch is a staff member at Beacon Academy. Following the Battle of Beacon, she becomes the Headmistress.[1]

Ozpin's Group

Glynda is a member of Ozpin's inner circle, whose aim is protecting the world from evil as well as guarding the Maidens. As a member of the group, she has a heavy responsibility and is familiar with many of the threats that the public does not know about.

Ozpin's Group


A fellow staff member and the Headmaster at Beacon Academy. It was never stated what his relationship with Glynda was, only that they were acquainted in some way. However, she seemed somewhat annoyed at him for wanting to talk to Ruby after her encounter with Roman Torchwick instead of just sending her home as she had planned.

Glynda also rolled her eyes at Ozpin right before he offered Ruby an invitation to go to Beacon, obviously knowing him well enough to know where his conversation was heading. Despite this, she was still a loyal subordinate and respected his decision to admit Ruby into Beacon.

When Ironwood questioned Ozpin's leadership before the Vytal Festival began, Glynda sided with Ozpin, stating Ozpin's experience made him more qualified than Ironwood thought. She also backed Ozpin in his criticism of Ironwood's heavy-handed and indiscreet act of bringing an enormous fleet of military ships to Vale.

James Ironwood

Glynda was somewhat acquainted with James, but the status of their relationship was unknown. However, Glynda seemed rather annoyed at his presence, greeting him rather sarcastically upon his arrival at Beacon.

Glynda did dance with Ironwood at the Beacon Dance, albeit rather reluctantly, as evidenced by the rolling of her eyes when he offered her his hand. Later, she was shown to be smiling as he escorted her to the dance floor.

Glynda also demonstrated concern for Ironwood's well-being, as seen when she found him staring out across the city the night before the events of "Breach". When he admited his worries regarding Ozpin's approach to the current situation, she urged him to stop talking about trust "and start showing it". She then reassured Ironwood by saying that he was a good person and had always searched for ways to make things right.

It is unknown what she thinks of him now after watching Ruby's message to the world and hearing her declare that he couldn't be trusted anymore.

Qrow Branwen

Glynda is very familiar with how Qrow conducts himself. She notes that he is practically always drunk. She appears to disapprove of some of his mannerisms and his abrasive personality, but she still works and fights with him effectively as seen during the Battle of Beacon. Much like James, while Glynda is not overly fond of Qrow's sarcastic and alcoholic personality, she takes no issue with his skill as a Huntsman.


Ruby Rose

Glynda first encountered Ruby Rose during the robbery of a Dust shop, arriving just in time to save the girl from Roman Torchwick. After a brief but fierce fight with Cinder Fall, Glynda was forced to stop fighting in order to get Ruby out of harm's way.

Afterward, Glynda started to rebuke Ruby, stating how she put the lives of others in grave danger. However, Glynda also appeared to be impressed by Ruby's skill and bravery, offering to send her home with a "pat on the back", which momentarily brings joy to Ruby. But this display of kindness is short-lived, as Glynda quickly follows up with, "and a slap on the wrist", emphasized with a sharp smack of The Disciplinarian against the table.

While Glynda disagreed about admitting Ruby into Beacon, she conceded to Headmaster Ozpin's wishes.

When she sees Ruby's message to all of Remnant in "Amity", she is shocked that she revealed the public existence of Salem and that she could help explain it to the citizens.


Jaune Arc

Glynda and Professor Ozpin appear to have a difference of opinion concerning Jaune's enrollment. She believes that he is not ready to attend a school like Beacon, despite the contents of his transcript.

Weeks later, Glynda still seems to have a low opinion of Jaune. Following his practice match with Cardin Winchester, she lectures him on using his Aura efficiently, before mockingly stating that she wouldn't want him to be "gobbled up" by a Beowolf.

Nora Valkyrie

In "The Emerald Forest, Pt.2" Goodwitch seems to indicate she does not think Nora has an easily compatible personality. When informing Ozpin about Nora's pairing with Ren, she states, "Poor boy. I can't possibly imagine those two getting along."

Pyrrha Nikos

Glynda appeared to hold Pyrrha's abilities in high regard. After Pyrrha defeated both Team CRDL and Mercury Black in the training match of "Extracurricular", Glynda commented that she would have no trouble qualifying for the Vytal Festival.

When Pyrrha was chosen as the next Fall Maiden, Glynda tried to assuage her concerns, explaining the nature of the Maidens and answering the many questions she had. Whilst accompanying her to the vault beneath the school, she appeared uncharacteristically caring and tender towards Pyrrha.

In Chapter 3 of RWBY: The Official Manga, Glynda felt sorry for Pyrrha for being paired up with Jaune during the Beacon Academy Initiation.

Lie Ren

Despite never interacting with him directly, Glynda is aware of Ren's impressive skill. When observing the Beacon Academy Initiation, she expresses disbelief at the notion of he and Nora Valkyrie making a good team, clearly unaware of their past.

Cinder's Faction

Cinder Fall

Glynda fought against Cinder without getting a good glimpse of her opponent during the failed Dust robbery. Glynda is quick to connect the mysterious woman Ruby encountered in the CCT to the woman she battled that night.

Roman Torchwick

Glynda first encountered Roman Torchwick during the Dust store robbery, shielding Ruby from Torchwick's detonation of a Fire Dust crystal. She used her Semblance to attack Roman in return. Realizing he was up against a Huntress, Roman told Cinder to fight Glynda instead while he flew the Bullhead. During the battle, one of Glynda's ice shards came close to severely wounding Roman, but he ducked out of the way.

Mercury Black

Glynda seems to be rather indifferent to Mercury, though she expresses irritation with how quickly he jumps into a fight against Pyrrha Nikos, without any prior planning, before forfeiting.


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