Volume 1

Ruby Rose

If it were up to me, you'd be sent home, with a pat on the back... and a slap on the wrist!
—Glynda, to Ruby Rose
Hello, and welcome to Beacon. My name is Glynda Goodwitch. You are among a privileged few who have received the honor of being selected to attend this prestigious academy! Our world is experiencing an incredible time of peace, and as future Huntsmen and Huntresses, it is your duty to uphold it. You have demonstrated the courage needed for such a task, and now it is our turn to provide you with the knowledge and the training to protect our world.
—Glynda's speech aboard the Vale Airship, to the new Beacon Academy students

The First Step

Now, I'm sure many of you have heard rumors about the assignment of teams. Well, allow us to put an end to your confusion. Each of you will be given teammates... today.
—Glynda, addressing students at the initiation

The Emerald Forest, Pt.2

I can't possibly imagine those two getting along.
—Glynda, expressing misplaced doubts about Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie
I don't care what his transcripts say; that Jaune fellow is not ready for this level of combat.
—Glynda, on Jaune Arc


Mr. Arc, it's been weeks now. Please try to refer to your Scroll during combat.
—Glynda, reprimanding Jaune on his command of his Aura
We wouldn't want you to be gobbled up by a Beowolf, now, would we?
—Glynda, mockingly reprimanding Jaune

Forever Fall

Professor Peach has asked all of you to collect samples from the trees deep inside this forest, and I'm here to make sure none of you die while doing so.
—Glynda, explaining the reason for the students being in the Forever Fall forest

Volume 2

Best Day Ever

Children, please, do not play with your food.
—Glynda, to teams RWBY and JNPR, after their food fight

Welcome to Beacon

Ironwood certainly loves bringing his work wherever he travels.
—Gynda, to Ozpin about General James Ironwood's escort fleet


And remember, the dance is this weekend. But you all have your first mission on Monday. I will not accept any excuses.
—Glynda, to all of the students in the arena

Field Trip

Why must your answer to everything involve a triumphant display of military bravado!? You treat every situation like it's a contest of measuring di—!
—Glynda, questioning Ironwood's methods

Mountain Glenn

Ozpin has experience that the rest of us lack. And I think that's something worth remembering.
—Glynda, to Ironwood in regards to Ozpin

Volume 3

It's Brawl in the Family

He's always drunk!
—Glynda to Winter, about Qrow Branwen


The Maidens have existed for thousands of years, but much like in nature, the seasons change. No two summers are alike. When a Maiden dies, her power leaves her body and seeks out a new host, ensuring that the seasons are never lost and that no individual can hold onto the power forever.
—Glynda, explaining the succession of Maidens to Pyrrha Nikos
At first, the only thing that was certain was that the powers were specifically passed onto young women, but as time went on, it was discovered that the selection process was much more intimate. As we understand it now, when a Maiden dies, the one who is in her final thoughts is the first candidate to inherit her power.
—Glynda, explaining how a Maiden's power chooses its next host to Pyrrha

RWBY: After the Fall

Chapter 14

Each of you is to turn in a written statement of everything that happened in Lower Cairn to Professor Port by the end of the week. You will also have faculty supervision on all escort and rescue missions from now on until we deem you ready to operate on your own again. Understood?
—Glynda scolds Team CFVY
One more thing, I believe you are all behind on your classes. If you don't make up any exams and assignments you've missed by Monday, I'm afraid you'll have to sit out the Vytal Tournament. You are dismissed.
—Glynda assigns CFVY work

Chapter 17

As much as we've been worried about your safety while you've been here, you've shown that those concerns are unnecessary. I'm proud that you will be going out into the world to complete your training, and I have no doubt you will be exemplary Huntsmen and Huntresses–because you already are.
—Glynda, to Team CFVY
You won't have the privilege of hearing Professor Ozpin deliver his graduation speech, but there's one thing he tells every class that I want to share with you. Beacon Academy is not a place. It is an idea, which has taken root in each and every one of you. YOU are Beacon, and you must now go forth and serve as a hopeful light for others. It is your privilege and your burden as Huntsmen and Huntresses to protect not only those who cannot defend themselves, but to watch out for each other, always.
—Glynda recalls Ozpin's graduation speech to CFVY
Now get out of here. That last bit was part of his speech, too. He always kicked students out after that. He hated long goodbyes, and so do I.
—Glynda talks about Ozpin's farewells

RWBY: The Grimm Campaign

What follows are my reports on the Kuchinashi Incident: this log is frustratingly scattered, pieced together over several months from a series of testimonies given by Huntsman, operators, travelers and those whispers that escape the darkness within Mistral’s borders. Like many of the reports we received from the region much of it is rumor and hearsay and while we can collaborate many of the larger events, those that affect too many of Mistral to have been swept under the rug, the specific of the details are lost–only kept by those who know the rugs under which to peek. As I know you have a fondness for stories, I’ve recorded what I have summarized from intel as such including dossiers from the Huntsman and Huntresses of note. Happy reading, Headmaster.
—Glynda's message, opening the story of RWBY: The Grimm Campaign Season 1
Headmaster, I appreciate the details you sent me in regards to the incident in Kuchinashi. As noted in our previous correspondence, the log is frustratingly incomplete, but there are a number of loose threads at which we continue to pull. I must confess my own curiosity about the particular questions you’ve raised. Especially concerning the items of antiquity. Perhaps my records and findings would be of more use to you if you could provide me with more information. Is there something specifically you hope to find? Some tale you’ve heard which might help me focus my search? As you yourself mentioned it can be difficult to operate with a picture only half filled in. A picture which, I presume, you have a different perspective on than myself. But to my knowledge, here are a few more scratches to decipher, and while I appreciate and respect the great and powerful Ozpin and his many secrets, what aren’t you telling me about Team SAFR?
—Glynda's message, opening the story of RWBY: The Grimm Campaign Season 2

RWBY: Amity Arena

Glynda Goodwitch, current headmistress of the desolate Beacon, is also its lonely guardian. The Vale City Library as her base of operations, she and her colleagues fight countless invasions of Grimm attracted to the petrified Wyvern, while also repairing the damages from the Battle of Beacon.

​Glynda is exhausted but unbowed, and she will guard this place with her life, until it is restored. Until the day everything returns to normal. Until the day... her students return.

"Beacon Academy is not a place. It is an idea, which has taken root in each and every one of you. YOU are Beacon..." -Glynda
RWBY: Amity Arena[1]
​As the assistant headmaster and resident custodian(?) of Beacon Academy, Glynda not only runs the school with Headmaster Ozpin, she fixed and cleans all the Semblance sized messes her children with superpowers leave behind.

"They're supposed to be the defenders of the world..." -Glynda
RWBY: Amity Arena[2]

RWBY: The Official Manga

Chapter 1

He is the top suspect of Dusts Robberies that have plagued Vale as of late. Truth be told, we've been largely unable to prevent these crimes. Which makes your recent action particularly heroic... and a deed worthy of praise.
—Glynda, to Ruby talking about Roman and her actions
On that day... you a single student from Signal, took up arms... against a vicious criminal who gives even Huntsmen a run for their money. No. That's not courage. It's recklessness.
—Glynda, to Ruby


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