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The Glass Unicorn was a hotel in Atlas where a young Cinder Fall was raised and put to work after being taken in from an orphanage in Mistral. It was managed by the Madame and her daughters before their deaths.

It was first shown in "Midnight", and later destroyed when Atlas crashed into Mantle in "The Final Word".


The Glass Unicorn was an enormous, luxurious multi-story hotel situated in the city of Atlas. It appeared to have five floors, including a lobby, various kitchens. The hotel's ceiling was made of glass. The walls were golden and brown in color, and it has red carpets along the floor.

The hotel's lobby was shown to have various glass sculptures of creatures of Grimm, including Ursai, Sea Feilongs, Sabyrs, and Beowolves. It also featured a large clock above the lobby desk which rang loudly at midnight.

The hotel featured an abandoned storage room, which upon Cinder's adoption, was used to keep her at night as her room, where Cinder would use old sheets as blankets and pillows. Eventually, when Rhodes decided to train her, the room was largely cleared out by pushing debris out of the way to form a small sparring room. It had an outside view of the city, where the Moon could clearly be seen.

In the years after Cinder worked there, the building was shown to have lost the logo and was heavily damaged following the Grimm attack on Atlas.

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As seen during the time it was managed by the Madame, the Hotel itself was frequently shown to cater to Huntsmen and Huntresses who frequented the hotel as a hangout and drinking place and also catered to the other Atlas Elite. The Hotel also had a policy that does not allowed Faunus.

During the time Cinder Fall was constantly abused by the owner and her daughters. One night, she ended up stealing the Weapons of Rhodes, a constant patron of the Glass Unicorn. He catches her, but he decided to train her to be a Huntsman for the next few years so she could eventually leave the establishment.

One night, when she got caught for having one of Rhodes' swords, Cinder eventually snapped and killed the Madame along with her daughters. Once Rhodes sees her do this, he attempts to arrest her but ends up defeated and is also killed by Cinder.

Years after the death of its owners, the building has lost it's logo and was heavily damaged by the Grimm attack on Atlas. It was last seen when Atlas crashes into Mantle and both cities are flooded.


  • The hotel's name is a reference to a symbol of the same name from the 1944 novel, The Glass Menagerie. In the novel, the glass unicorn is a figure in protagonist Laura's collection. In the story, unicorns are "extinct" in modern times and are lonesome as a result of being different from other horses. Similarly, Laura too is unusual, lonely, and ill-adapted to existence in the world in which she lives. The fate of the unicorn is also a smaller-scale version of Laura's fate in Scene Seven. When character Jim dances with and then kisses Laura, the unicorn's horn breaks off, and it becomes just another horse. Jim's advances endow Laura with a new normalcy, making her seem more like just another girl, but the violence with which this normalcy is thrust upon her means that Laura cannot become normal without somehow shattering. Eventually, Laura gives Jim the unicorn as a "souvenir." Without its horn, the unicorn is more appropriate for him than for her, and the broken figurine represents all that he has taken from her and destroyed in her.
  • As seen in "Midnight", Cinder was seemingly the only staff to be shown working in the Hotel, other than the Madame and her two daughters. This implies that due to not likely wanting to use her own wealth to pay for the wages of an entire staff workforce to tend to her establishment's maintenance, the Madame almost completely forced Cinder to do all the work and adopted her solely to avoid having to pay her or anyone else wages.


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