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Gianduja is Coco Adel's weapon of choice, first seen in "Field Trip".



Gianduja takes the form of an ordinary handbag adorned with studs and an ammo belt for a shoulder strap. It is capable of transforming into a "concealed" brown and gold rotary cannon, a gatling gun. The size of said gun limits her to be somewhat of a stationary fighter, similar to Flynt Coal, using Yatsuhashi Daichi by her side as a form of defense in "Lessons Learned".

Due to the weight concealed in the handbag, it can also be used as a powerful bludgeoning weapon. Its small size in bag form makes it easier for Coco to deliver swift close ranged attacks, and to maneuver.


In minigun form, the weapon's rate of fire is quick enough to evenly mow down a field of tall grass in several motions. Due to the weight of the weapon, as well as the rotational inertia of the barrels and the recoil in minigun form, superhuman strength is needed to use it.

The firepower of this weapon is highly variable in different appearances. In "Breach", it is devastating enough to take on a swarm of large Grimm, destroy a Death Stalker, and take out three giant Nevermores in short order. In later appearances, when fired at almost point blank range at a Griffon or used against an Atlesian Paladin, it had little to no effect, and was also incapable of destroying trees. This variable firepower can be attributed to Coco's Semblance, Hype.


  • Gianduja is a type of Italian chocolate.
  • Gianduja is also a character from Italian theater representing a peasant who possesses a love for food, drink and beautiful women, yet is still faithful to his lover.