We never held anything against you, and I never feared you would fail. The only thing I ever feared was that you would fall down the wrong path, and I am so proud to see you haven't.

Chieftain Ghira Belladonna is Blake Belladonna's father, Kali Belladonna's husband, the former High Leader of the White Fang and the current chieftain of Menagerie.


Ghira is a tall, muscular Faunus with black hair, a thick beard and yellow eyes. For his top, he wears an open dark-violet coat with white fur trim, exposing a patch of black fur on his chest. Over his beige pants is a matching sash that wraps around his waist and is secured with a large, silver metal buckle. On the shoulder of his coat is a silver metal spaulder, which through a pair of curved strips across the chest attaches as a clasp on the opposite front panel of the coat. The white toes of his black leather boots have a shape reminiscent of paws with claws at the tips. His physique is in general quite hairy, as what little can be seen of his bare arms and the backs of his wrists are shown to be covered in thick, black fur. He also possesses retractable panther claws in his fingertips.

When preparing for his speech in "Unforeseen Complications", Ghira is seen wearing a pair of reading glasses with round lenses.

He wears a black band on his right arm which likely his marriage to Kali as incorporating colors on clothes/person in some way is the most common way people express their bonds to others on Remnant.[2]


He had a shorter beard during his days as High Leader. He wore an open dark violet vest with white fur trim that shows his chest. A pair of long, extended fingerless gloves reached his upper arms, and he wore beige pants and brown leather boots. In addition, he wore an original White Fang emblem pin attached to a few leather straps and shoulder pads.



Ghira's great size contributes to his ability to be intimidating, which he utilizes from time to time. However, Ghira is good-hearted, clearly doting on his family and enjoying a good laugh.

His brusque attitude can be both impulsive and controlled. When he gets angry with himself for forgetting a meeting, he pounds his fist on the table and needs to be soothed by his wife. When being given upsetting information, however, he merely uses words and expression to convey his seriousness. He can also be blunt, such as when he directly tells Sun Wukong that he does not like him.

Ghira is a seasoned leader, knowing when it is wise or advantageous to speak, but also knowing when it is better to let others to take the stage. This can be seen in permitting his daughter to speak on behalf of all Faunus to the entirety of Menagerie following the White Fang's assault on his home.

Following the Battle of Haven, Ghira realizes that he isn't finished fighting against discrimination and decides to begin taking more responsibility again by rebuilding the White Fang into what it used to be.[3]

Powers and Abilities

Overall Abilities

Ghira is fairly adept at hand-to-hand combat as shown in "Alone Together". Together with his guards, he is able to fight against the assault on his home. He is strong enough to throw White Fang soldiers about like ragdolls, take a fireball and wind blast from the Albain brothers point-blank without fatigue and when enraged, enters a berserker state of sorts. Though he does not typically wield a weapon, he is skilled at throwing spears; he pins Corsac Albain to a wall by the Faunus' hood.

He also has good tolerance to pain as he was able to shrug off being stabbed deeply in the back.

Leadership Skills

Since he is the former leader of the White Fang and left to become the chieftain of the entire settlement on Menagerie, it is reasonably presumed that he has good leadership qualities. He also seems to be a skilled orator and is shown to be experienced at giving speeches in "Unforeseen Complications".

Special Ability: Claws

As a Panther-based Faunus, Ghira naturally possesses sharp retractable claws on all five of his fingers, as his Faunus trait, that he then primarily uses as his main weapon when fighting. As seen where he brought them out in order to battle the White Fang soldiers that attacked his home to make fast swipes and claw strikes with them.



  • His first name alludes to Bagheera from Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book, which is all the more evident as his successor to the White Fang leadership, Sienna Khan, alludes to Shere Khan from the same story.
    • घिरा (Anglicized as Ghira) is Hindi for "surrounded" while غير (Anglicized as Ghira) is Arabic for "change".

Color Naming Rule

  • Bella donna means "fair lady" or "beautiful woman" in Italian, and is also the name of a toxic plant, commonly known as deadly nightshade. It also commonly bears purple bell-shaped flowers, which lends to his Aura color.

Character & Design

  • Apparently Ghira was given a beard that according to the art director, Patrick Rodriguez, was inspired by Father’s beard in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood as a nod to the fact Kent Williams had voiced both characters. Beards were not possible to have for character models during the show’s first three volumes due to the limitations of Poser. As a result, a strict “no beards” policy was applied which saddened Kerry Shawcross at the time.
  • Many Faunus have additional elements in their design that tie into their animal traits: Ghira has paw shaped tips on his boots. His beard, chest hair and hair on his hands could reference the fur of a panther.


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