Volume 7


I do like hot tea on a cold day. Reminds me of home.
—Fria, to Winter Schnee

The Enemy of Trust

Yes. I’ve been waiting here... for some time, I think. What was I waiting for?
—Fria, when confronted by Cinder Fall
No. I had a job to do.
—Fria, to Cinder as she used her Maiden powers to protect herself
I had a job to do. I was supposed to protect the power of the maiden until I was ready. I worry I may have lost track of time. But you can tell James that I’m ready now.
—Fria, to Penny Polendina
I’ll be gone. I know I have a hard time remembering, but I remember that.
—Fria, to Penny
What’s your name?
—Fria, to Penny
Penny. Are you the one?
—Fria, asking Penny if she's the one who will inherit her Winter Maiden powers and her final words

About Fria

She is secure and in stable condition.
—Winter, to Qrow about Fria
She's, uh, not exactly a spring chicken.
—Qrow, to Yang about Fria
"That's the Winter Maiden."

"She could pass any day now. Until that happens, I'm the only person Fria's allowed to see."

—Weiss and Winter, about Fria
"She's… gone."

"No. She's a part of you now."

—Penny and Winter, about Fria after her death
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