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At some point during her youth, Fria became the Winter Maiden, either by chance or by being the last woman in the former Maiden's thoughts. Fria had held the Maidenhood for a long time, and was living her last days in a highly secured Atlas facility in order to ensure her power does not fall into Salem's hands, similar to the facility Amber was in when she was in critical condition. James Ironwood had restricted personal visits to only Winter Schnee, one of the Atlesian Military's Special Operatives, in the hopes that when Fria passed, Winter would become her successor due to being in her final thoughts.


Winter and Fria having a cup of tea

Fria was first mentioned when Qrow inquires about her status. Winter's response that she is in stable condition briefly makes them uneasy. Before Qrow informs the group she isn't a spring chicken, implying her advanced age.

When Winter takes her sister Weiss to the facility housing her room, Winter enters alone and the pair share tea while Weiss watches on.

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During the Battle of Mantle, Winter and Penny go to the Atlas Medical Facility so that Winter can claim Fria's powers. She is placed in a transfer pod as Winter gets ready to enter the other while Penny oversees the process. They are interrupted by Cinder Fall, who is after the powers for herself. A fight ensues, in which Cinder defeats them and returns to Fria's bedroom. Upon arriving, Fria is confronted by the Fall Maiden, forcing her to reveal her true power and destroying the room. Cinder retreats, and Penny arrives to Fria's aid. The two are attacked by Cinder again, who clashes with Winter. As Fria dies due to her age and exhaustion, she passes her power onto Penny, thus choosing her as a successor.

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