I had a job to do. I was supposed to protect the power of the Maiden until I was ready. I worry I may have lost track of time. But you can tell James that I'm ready now.
—Fria, to Penny Polendina

Fria was a character in RWBY and a previous Winter Maiden. In the episode "The Enemy of Trust" of Volume 7, she dies from her old age and passes on her powers to Penny Polendina.


Fria was a thin, elderly woman with short, spiky white hair and dark blue eyes. She wore a green and white hospital outfit with a silver bracelet on her right wrist.


Fria appeared to be a friendly woman, politely sharing a conversation with Winter Schnee, implying the two are on good terms. She enjoyed hot tea and painting, decorating part of her room with her art. Fria appeared to miss or have some nostalgia towards the outside world, solemnly asking how the weather is in Atlas.

During her confrontation against Cinder it was revealed that due to her old age, Fria has become senile, showing traits similar to Alzheimer's disease, rendering her to have patches in her memories, a difficult time remembering things, and keeping conscious track of time.

However despite her failing memories and frequent sense of confusion, Fria has displayed fierce loyalty and a strong sense of duty and dedication to her role as the Winter Maiden despite her failing health and fading memories. Despite knowing that she would die and her sense of time slowly fading, Fria still held on and remembered her duties to safeguard the power of the Winter Maiden and showed no fear at the prospect of dying as long as she knew her powers would be inherited by a proper successor who would continue on her duties for her.

Other than this Fria has been shown to be soft spoken and kind hearted, as seen during her final moments with Penny before passing on.

Powers and Abilities

Maiden Powers

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Fria was the previous Winter Maiden and as such had access to immense elemental magic. As the Winter Maiden, Fria was the only one that possessed the ability to open the Vault containing the Relic of Creation in Atlas. Similar to her fellow Maidens, Fria's eyes are surrounded by a flame effect when using her powers, in her case a light azure blue flame matching her Aura.

Fria creating an intense vortex of frost using her Maiden powers.

Upon being confronted by Cinder attempting to steal her powers, She was able to repel her by creating a vortex of snow and ice with temperatures easily capable of freezing and burning a person's flesh to their very bone. Fria's frost was strong enough to flash freeze Cinder's Shadow Hand and freeze the entire area in a thick layer of ice, effectively rendering the area inhospitable.

Winter noted that Fria had "fully realized" her powers as the Winter Maiden, showing that Fria had completely mastered her powers during her youth. She easily overpowered Cinder despite the latter being much younger and physically stronger than her. This is made even more impressive given the Fria was only acting on instinct and was near death due to old age, further highlighting just how much stronger a fully realized Maiden is.



  • Fria and her interaction with Penny likely alludes to the character known as "The Fairy with Turquoise Hair" (also known as "the Blue Fairy") from The Adventures of Pinocchio, in which she turns Pinocchio into a real boy.

Color Naming Rule

  • Her name possibly derives from the Norse Goddess, Freya. In some languages derived from Latin, her name is the singular feminine noun for "cold". In Spanish and Portuguese, "Fria" is also the female adjective for cold.


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