Beacon Academy

Fox is a former second-year student at Beacon Academy.

Shade Academy

Fox is currently a student at Shade Academy.


Fox is a member of Team CFVY. He was quick to bond with the team, as one of the more social members of CFVY. Fox is the self-titled "comic relief" of Team CFVY, playing into its hotshot appearance.


Fox is the leader of temporary Team FNDU, being described as a bad leader by Umber Gorgoneion.

Beacon Brigade

Fox is a founder of the Beacon Brigade and the person to come up with the idea of the group, likening it to a Vacuan clan.


Coco Adel

Coco and Fox instantly developed a friendship during their initiation. The two share "nice hustle" as an inside joke. Coco completely trusts Fox in going on a mission alone.

Being best friends, Coco enjoys joking around with Fox, playfully slapping his bottom in "Breach". Fox has thus far not seemed to mind her doing this.

Velvet Scarlatina

Fox respects Velvet and her skill, and the two get along well. He comforts Velvet after their team loses in "Lessons Learned". He is highly protective of her, whilst strongly trusting her skills.

Yatsuhashi Daichi

Fox and Yatsuhashi have a close relationship, where Fox mainly pokes fun at his teammate.

Fox and Yatsuhashi share a protective nature of Velvet, and were willing to commit questionable actions while trying to find her after believing she was in danger, such as using Neptune's fears to force him into telling the CFVY members where she is. However, Fox is more willing to go through with these choices than Yatsuhashi, and tries and fails to convince the taller boy to be as eager as he was to do it.


Ruby Rose

Ruby and Fox meet at the same time Ruby meets Coco Adel. Fox finds Ruby to be the comedic relief of her team and shares he thinks he plays the same role for CFVY. The two become close friends, and comedic relief becomes an inside joke between them. He loses touch with Ruby and her team after the Battle of Beacon.

Weiss Schnee

During their first semester at Beacon, Fox and Yatsuhashi confronts Weiss about her attitude towards her team. Weiss does not realize Fox is blind at first, to which he jokes about at her expense, much to her dismay. By the second semester, the two are less confrontational.


Jaune Arc

While the two are not seen interacting, Fox tells Ruby he sees Jaune as the comedic relief of Team JNPR.


Sun Wukong

Fox and his team remain on friendly terms with Team SSSN. After the Battle of Beacon, the two teams reconnect in the settlement of Coquina, where Sun catches his peers up on what had occurred at the Battle of Haven.

Neptune Vasilias

Fox, Sun and Neptune are initially shown to be friendly, building a sand model of Beacon Academy together. Later, Fox and Yatsuhashi interrogate Neptune in RWBY: Before the Dawn, using the younger student's fear of water to torture him into telling where Sun and Velvet went. Whilst Yatsuhashi felt remorse and stopped doing this, Fox had less qualms with using Neptune's aquaphobia against him and encouraged Yatsuhashi to continue. Moments later, Fox showcases concern about what happened to Neptune during their battle against Professor Rumpole.

Sage Ayana

Fox trusts Sage enough to call for his help once learning that Team ROSC, Velvet, and Sun were potentially in danger.


Nolan Porfirio

Fox, like other members of the Beacon Brigade, felt bad for Nolan after learning he was being harassed by Shade students, and as such invited him into the group. He trusts Nolan enough to call for his help once learning that Team ROSC, Velvet, and Sun were potentially in danger.

Umber Gorgoneion

Umber saw Fox as a bad leader while under Team FNDU. During the Battle of Shade, the two fight one another after she is revealed as a member of the Crown.


Octavia Ember

Fox called on Octavia's help when he learns Team ROSC, Velvet, and Sun are in danger.


Bertilak Celadon

Fox grows an instant disliking towards Bertilak, describing him as an "ass." When the latter reveals his scheme, Fox shows disgust towards the older Huntsman.

Xanthe Rumpole

Fox was more than willing to disobey Rumpole and be rude to her face when attempting to leave Shade Academy after curfew, prompting her to try and stop him which initiated a fight between herself, Fox, Yatsuhashi, and Neptune. Using ADA, he correctly guessed her first name, Xanthe.

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