Participants Episode(s) Result
Huntsmen vs. Grimm "Breach" Won
Students vs. Nevermore "Battle of Beacon" Won
Students vs. Grimm, White Fang and AK-200s "Battle of Beacon" Withdrew


Fox was born a blind orphan in Vacuo, hailing from a tribe called Kynete. Eventually he made his way to Vale in order to join Beacon.[1]


Second Semester

Team CFVY was originally supposed to handle the dance in "Dance Dance Infiltration", but due to unforeseen circumstances in their mission, that duty was passed to Team RWBY.

The team finally appear for a brief time in "Field Trip", with Coco Adel leading the way as the team disembarks from their airship.

Fox and the rest of his team, assisted by Professor Peter Port, arrive in a Bullhead to provide reinforcements for Team RWBY, who are busy defending Vale from the Grimm hordes during the events of "Breach". After Fox uses Sharp Retribution to destroy a large group of Grimm, Coco eventually takes over the fight.

Episodes Covering These Events

Vytal Festival Tournament

In "Round One", Fox is briefly seen on the fairgrounds of the Vytal Festival as Team RWBY find their lunch.

Fox and his team are also competing in the tournament, representing Beacon Academy and the kingdom of Vale. Team CFVY wins their off-screen match in the team round of the tournament, but Fox is not selected to progress into the doubles round.

As he watches teammates Coco and Yatsuhashi Daichi lose the doubles round from the sidelines, he comforts Velvet Scarlatina with his hand on her shoulder.

Episodes Covering These Events

The Battle of Beacon

Fox is among the group of students present at Amity Colosseum at the beginning of this Grimm attack on Vale. His weapon flies to the floating arena in a rocket-propelled locker.

After a Giant Nevermore breaks into the stadium and is defeated, he is among the students that choose to fight this battle rather than flee. The group takes an Air Bus to Beacon Academy where they engage the Grimm.

Episodes Covering These Events


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