Episode 13 - "Forever Fall"Edit

  1. Model - At 0:31, a window leading to a room is dark while another one that is in the same room is bright.
  2. Model - At 0:31, Team JNPR's window is open and Pyrrha Nikos is looking outside. Then at 0:36 the same window is closed along with a curtain.
  3. Model - At 0:54, Jaune Arc's dorm room door opens inwards, while at 2:15, Ruby Rose's door opens outwards.
  4. Animation - At 2:57, Nora Valkyrie is floating forward.
  5. Model - From 3:44 to 3:52, Sky Lark has part of his crotch missing.
  6. At 3:48, both the clinking sound from the bottles as well as Jaune's fall are not in sync with the visuals. (This was later fixed on the YouTube version of the episode.)
  7. Animation - At 4:28, An animation error can be seen in Lie Ren's hand, as it is pointing almost straight up in a broken sort of manner.
  8. Model - At 4:29, while Nora is drinking the red sap, Ren is supposedly filling another jar, but even though the sound effect plays, the jar is empty. Also, for the split second between 4:28 and 4:29, the jar seems to flicker.
  9. Animation - At 5:24, Jaune is gripping the neck of the jar and the jar is tilted downwards, but at 5:27, Jaune is gripping lower down the jar and the jar is tilted upwards.

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