Episode 14 - "Forever Fall, Pt.2"Edit

  1. Model - The rapier wasps that Cardin asked Jaune to bring suddenly disappeared from the scene.
  2. Leftover Rendering - At 1:34, two leftover render cubes can be seen floating around.
  3. Leftover Rendering - In a single frame between 1:34 and 1:35, one can see text, which seems to be describing file information.
  4. Leftover Rendering - At 1:42, four leftover render cubes can be seen.
  5. Leftover Rendering - At 1:46, two leftover render cubes can be seen.
  6. Animation - At 2:45, Jaune Arc is hit on his right shoulder by the Ursa's right claw. But the next scene shows Jaune rolling in the opposite direction.
  7. Animation - At 3:04 to 3:05, Jaune is seen to be doing an overhead slash. But in the following scene Jaune is shown doing a stab instead.
  8. Animation - At 3:04, the Ursa's swipe is shown to be significantly faster than Jaune's movement, but at 3:08 and 3:14, both Jaune and the Ursa's movements are shown to be at similar speed.
  9. Animation - At 3:05, 3:08, and 3:10, the same segment of the swiping motion by the Ursa seems to be repeated.
  10. Animation - At 3:17 right before Jaune beheads the Ursa, his hand is gripping the sword in a rather odd fashion.
  11. Animation - At 3:18, right before Jaune decapitates the Ursa, the glowing slashing motion created by the sword's movement appears before the motion is completed.
  12. Model - At 3:45, Miló is half bright and half dark.
  13. Model - In previous episodes, Cardin Winchester is shown to be taller than Jaune. However, at 4:17, Jaune and Cardin have the same height.
  14. Models - At 4:23, there seems to be a picture overlapping the top side of the frame.
  15. Model - At the same moment, half of Team CRDL's window seems to be missing.

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