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The Forest of Hinoki is an expansive forest in Anima that is first seen in RWBY #1, hundreds of miles away from the city of Mistral.


The Forest of Hinoki is a large forest in the kingdom of Mistral, expanding for hundreds of miles. The forest includes mountainous areas, as well as cave systems.

The known inhabitants of the forest include the Grimm, birds, and other forest wildlife. Known Grimm species include Manticores, Beowolves, and Lancers.

Notable Locations

Black Queen Village

In RWBY #6, Team RNJR encounters a village being attacked by a pride of Manticores in the Forest of Hinoki. The village is quick to turn on the Huntsmen, having bought into Cinder Fall's speech during the Fall of Beacon (referring to her as the "Black Queen" based on the emblem used for the virus that hacked Atlesian technology). They also proved to be afraid towards the Huntsmen Academies, resenting how they had been training child soldiers.

The village forced RNJR away to a nearby cave until they returned to slay the remaining Grimm, where the team managed to turn some of their opinions on Huntsmen. RNJR then left the village in bad taste.


  • Chamaecyparis obtusa, known as Japanese cypress or hinoki cypress is a species of cypress native to central Japan in East Asia.

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