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It's WORTH IT if it gets people talking about our cause!
—Forest, to Ruby's Group

Forest was a character in RWBY. He first appeared in "The Greatest Kingdom".


Forest was a man with blonde hair tied back to a loose ponytail with strands hanging over his forehead. He had a goatee which faded into a stubble on his cheeks and wore a green scarf combined with a dusty brown jacket and old clothes.


Forest was an avid supporter of Robyn Hill and a protester against Atlas' exploitation of Mantle. He was willing to resort to damaging Atlas military equipment to promote the cause.

He apparently had somewhat of a tendency to over-exaggerate matters, calling James Ironwood's rule over Mantle a "tyranny".


  • Forests are full of trees, which are mostly green and brown (for half of the year at least), hence Forest's color scheme.
  • Forest's inmate number is 2582.[1]
  • Forest became a fan-favorite character during volume 7.[2]
    • Eric Baudour, Forest's voice actor and a content manager at Rooster Teeth, jokingly promoted him as a new main character of the show (now dubbing it "FRWBY") before acting shocked and disappointed with the character's death soon after.[3][4][5]


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