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It's WORTH IT if it gets people talking about our cause!
—Forest, to Ruby's Group

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Forest was a character in RWBY. He first appeared in "The Greatest Kingdom".

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Forest was a man with blonde hair tied back to a loose ponytail with strands hanging over his forehead. He had a goatee which faded into a stubble on his cheeks and wore a green scarf combined with a dusty brown jacket and old clothes.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Forest was an avid supporter of Robyn Hill and a protester against Atlas' exploitation of Mantle. He was willing to resort to damaging Atlas military equipment to promote the cause.

He apparently had somewhat of a tendency to over-exaggerate matters, calling James Ironwood's rule over Mantle a "tyranny".

History[edit | edit source]

Forest was arrested for throwing a brick at a military ship in an effort to get people talking about his cause. As such, he met Team RWBY, JNR, Oscar Pine and Qrow Branwen while being transported in an Atlas airship, informing them of Robyn, her cause and her Happy Huntresses.

Later, Forest was then dropped off in Mantle, sarcastically thanking the pilot for the "lift", before walking into a dark alleyway, where he encountered Tyrian Callows, and was promptly murdered by the scorpion Faunus.

Forest is later mentioned by Ironwood as one of his opposers who had been murdered, to Ruby's Group's shock.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Forests are full of trees, which are mostly green and brown (for half of the year at least), hence Forest's color scheme.
  • Forest's inmate number is 2582.[1]
  • Forest became a fan-favorite character during volume 7.[2]
    • Eric Baudour, Forest's voice actor and a content manager at Rooster Teeth, jokingly promoted him as a new main character of the show (now dubbing it "FRWBY") before acting shocked and disappointed with the character's death soon after.[3][4][5]

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