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Flynt's Trumpet is Flynt Coal's weapon of choice. It made its first appearance in "Never Miss a Beat".


V3e5 flynt weapon concept art

Concept art of Flynt's weapon.

Flynt's Trumpet is a weapon that has the ability to send a high frequency sound wave towards its opponent. The sound wave is strong enough to blow back multiple people, as shown in "Never Miss a Beat" when Flynt blasts Yang Xiao Long away into the urban biome. The force can be multiplied when Flynt uses his Semblance "Killer Quartet", which was able to disarm Weiss Schnee from Myrtenaster.

Flynt's sound waves can also be infused with elements, whether influenced by the Dust vials within the trumpet, the element of the clone from Flynt's Semblance or the environment, which was shown when Flynt blows lava towards Weiss and infuses his sound waves with fire.

The concept art for Flynt's trumpet implies it can transform into something else.


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