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Floating Array[1] is a collective term for the array of weapons that Penny Polendina wields. They consist of a gun-blade weapon that can split itself into numerous thin, floating blades that are apparently controlled by wire cables and are stored inside a small backpack.


Floating Array is multiple gray-colored blades with a luminous green power symbol at the center of the bronze-colored hilt, and a green line running parallel to one side. The blades can fold into a more compact gun-like shape, which can be stored within a mechanical pack.

The blades can be deployed as a single blade from the back and can further separate. Penny is shown to be able to manipulate the blades through thin, string-like cables attached to the blades. Penny can also relocate rapidly using these cables, by embedding the blade(s) into an immovable object and then reeling the connecting cables in to pull herself towards them.

Penny backpack swords

Swords stored in Penny's backpack

The cables are also shown to be extremely strong, as seen when Penny embeds the blades into a Bullhead's body and pulls the craft down, as well as when they are shown cutting through Penny's body in "PvP". The blades are also shown to be heavy, as when a piece of Penny's clothes fell when she died, one of her swords fell and pierced it through the stadium ground with ease. Ruby Rose borrowed this sword to fight off a Nevermore in "Battle of Beacon".

The exact number of blades Penny can split her weapon into is unknown, but she seems to have anywhere between 10-12 blades throughout Volumes 1-3. As of her return in Volume 7, she consistently seems to wield eight blades.

The blades can be brought together to form a circular ring that is spun to fire a powerful green laser that is capable of splitting into many smaller beams. This attack is powerful enough to slice through metal with ease, and are seen to take down two attacking aircraft by cutting them apart.

The blades can also form several smaller rings that can also shoot several smaller laser beams. Penny can also use these smaller ring configurations as thrusters to maneuver herself around the battlefield. She can also form all of them mini-rifles and shoot individual beams.


  • The emblem on the hilts of Floating Array are the international-standard 'stand by' emblem on real-world electronic goods.
  • In programming, a floating array is a grouping of numerical data containing floats, numbers with a fractional value; as opposed to an integer array containing only whole numbers.
  • An array is a large or imposing number or group. Floating Array references that the weapon consists of a number of flying objects.



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