Volume 7Edit


What now?
—Fiona, to Robyn Hill after letting Clover Ebi and co. through

A Night OffEdit

I want to thank everyone for going to the polls today. This is Mantle’s moment. I know that, like me, you’re all thrilled that we chose Robyn as our voice in Atlas. No one has fought harder for Mantle than she has. And… I know Robyn will continue that fight on the Council. Will you share a few words?
—Fiona, before letting Robyn to share some words before the results of the election
Come on, we’ve gotta get you outta here!
—Fiona, to Robyn before she gets attacked by Tyrian Callows
I-I’m okay, I’m okay.
—Fionna, reassuring Robyn after the surprise attack from Tyrian

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