"Field Trip" is the eight episode of Volume 2 and the twenty-fourth episode of RWBY. It premiered on the Rooster Teeth website on September 25th, 2014.


Following the incident in the Cross Continental Transmit System Tower, James Ironwood argues with Glynda Goodwitch in Ozpin's office regarding whether action should be taken, disturbed by the lack of concern. Ozpin interrupts their argument to welcome Ruby Rose in and, after seeing that she is unharmed after the encounter, asks her whether there are any more details she can add to her eyewitness account.

Here, Ruby describes the infiltrator as someone who "uses Dust embedded in her clothing" and she links her to Roman Torchwick and the White Fang. However, Ozpin sees these new details as insufficient evidence to connect the attacker to Torchwick, leading to Ruby's mention of her prior knowledge of "a base in the southeast". This interests Ozpin enough to allow Ruby to leave. However, before she can exit, he reminds Ruby to refrain from talking to anyone about the incident.

After Ruby exits to the dormitory, Ironwood and Goodwitch clash once more, with Glynda questioning Ironwood's tendency to resort to military might the moment a threat arises. Ozpin once more interrupts Glynda before pointing out that the situation may extend beyond Beacon Academy and Vale; therefore, he determines that careful planning must be done first.

Meanwhile, back in Team RWBY's dorm, Yang Xiao Long, Weiss Schnee and Blake Belladonna attempt to cheer up Ruby after having a tense experience during the encounter. Yang then decides to break the ice by revealing a package that she and Ruby received from Taiyang Xiao Long, their father.

To the surprise of everyone, especially Blake, the package included the sisters' pet dog, Zwei, along with dozens of cans of dog food and a letter. As Blake cowers on Ruby's top bunk bed, Ruby proceeds to cradle the dog while Weiss gradually warms up to it, eventually becoming as affectionate as Ruby. Yang, on the other hand, focuses on the letter, which states that her father is going to leave their home island temporarily and has sent them Zwei along with the things needed to take care of him.

During the commotion, the team hears Glynda giving an announcement over a loudspeaker instructing all first-year students to go to the amphitheater for a speech from Ozpin. Weiss expresses concern that Zwei will not be able to take care of himself for a week while they are on their upcoming field trip, but Yang suggests that he has everything he will need.

Everyone but Ruby leaves the room. Ruby looks at Zwei, as if wondering what he will do while they are away, then gasps as if she had an idea, which is revealed in the episode "Search and Destroy" to consist of hiding Zwei in her bag in order to take him on the mission as well.

As it turns out, Glynda has gathered the students from Mistral, Vale, Vacuo and Atlas for their first assignment in missions with veteran Huntsmen. After a speech from Ozpin, which explains the importance of individuality and diversity, the students proceed to choose their missions.

Weiss suggests a Grimm extermination mission for the team, as it is located in the southeast region. Ruby attempts to sign the team up, but they find out that the mission is unavailable to first-years. Ozpin confirms this, but he also notes that the team will most likely find their way to the southeast regardless, and he changes the mission parameters so that Team RWBY can accept it.

Although Ruby is overjoyed by the decision, Ozpin warns them that the mission will still depend on the team's efforts, and they can be brought back to Beacon as soon as their assigned Huntsman deems them unfit to proceed further.

Team RWBY takes Ozpin's advice ambivalently, although Ruby tries to remain optimistic about their mission. To make things worse, Team CFVY has just returned to Beacon one week later than scheduled. Blake stops Velvet Scarlatina, expressing concern for the fellow Faunus; however, Velvet reassures them that Yatsuhashi Daichi was looking out for her. She mentions that the main reason for their delay was that there were "so many", most likely referring to the Grimm, but does not elaborate.

Seeing the dejected state in which CFVY returned saps the morale of the team, but Ruby once more attempts to buoy their spirits, hoping that the Huntsman assigned to them will lead them to success. To their surprise and chagrin, the Huntsman in question turns out to be Bartholomew Oobleck.


The opening cuts to a shot of Beacon Academy the next day following the Beacon Dance, then cuts to inside Ozpin's office, with General James Ironwood and Glynda Goodwitch keeping the headmaster company.

Ironwood: They were here... (raising his voice) Ozpin, they were here!

Ironwood angrily slams his fist against Ozpin's desk.

Glynda: We're very much aware of that! Thank you, James.

Ironwood: Fantastic! You're aware! Now are we going to do something about it or should we just stay the course and continue to ignore what's right in front of us?!

An alert sound plays, signifying that someone has arrived on the elevator.

Ozpin: Come in.

Ruby Rose steps out and into the room.

Ruby: Sorry it took so long. Someone accidentally hit all the buttons on the elevator on the way up here. (pausing before quickly explaining herself) It wasn't me.

Ozpin: Thank you for coming, Ruby. How are you feeling?

Ruby: Okay, I guess. I'd feel better if my bad-guy-catching record wasn't O-for-three.

Everyone stares silently.

Ruby: Okay, so that's the tone we're going for, got it.

Ironwood: Ruby, I feel it's appropriate to let you know that I think what you did last night is exactly what being a Huntress is all about. You recognized a threat. You took action. And you did the very best you could.

Ruby: Thank you, sir.

Ozpin: Now, the general here has already informed us of the events that... transpired last night, but now that you've rested, we were wondering if you had anything to add.

Glynda: Was anyone else with her? Did she look familiar to you at all?

Ruby: I... I don't know. She was wearing a mask, and she never said anything to me. But I know she fought with glass. I don't think that was her Semblance, though. Her clothing lit up whenever she attacked.

Glynda: Save for the glass, that sounds like the woman I fought the night we met Ruby.

Ironwood: Embedding Dust into clothing is an age-old technique. It could have been anyone.

Ruby: Wait. You think this girl is connected to Torchwick and the White Fang?

Ozpin: It's possible. But we still lack the required evidence to link the two together.

Ruby: Actually, I... I think I remember her saying something about a hideout, or something, in the southeast. Just outside the Kingdom.

Ozpin: Interesting.

Glynda: I thought you said the intruder never—

Ozpin: Thank you for your cooperation, Ruby. Why don't you go and spend some time with your team? You have a big day ahead of you.

Ruby: (leaving) Any time.

Ozpin: And Miss Rose, please try and be ... discreet about this matter.

Ruby: Yes sir.

The door to Team RWBY's dorm room opens, revealing Yang Xiao Long, Blake Belladonna, and Weiss Schnee inside. The three zoom over to the person in the door, who is revealed to be Ruby.

Yang: What happened?

Ruby: Uh... well, um... (laughing nervously)

The scene cuts back to Ozpin's office.

Ironwood: Well there we have it. We send as many troops as we can to the southeast, find out exactly what's going on, and eradicate any forces that stand in our way.

Glynda: (growls in frustration) Why must your answer to everything involve a triumphant display of military bravado!? You treat every situation like it's a contest of measuring di—!

Ozpin: Glynda!

Glynda: Well, he does.

Ozpin: She's right. As much as I too would love to end this situation once and for all, we must remember that this may go beyond Vale. Beyond Beacon. And if this truly is part of some master plan for which we know not the final move, we mustn't be so bold. Nor can we risk the spread of panic.

Ironwood: I have served you faithfully for years... but if you mean to tell me that your plan is to really hold the defenses, and wait—!

Ozpin: (abruptly stands from his chair) It is not! You're a general, James. So tell me, when you prepare to go to war, which do you send in first? The flag bearers, or the scouts?

The scene cuts back to Team RWBY's dorm.

Weiss: That was a risky move.

Blake: No, I think you handled it well.

Ruby: I hope so.

Yang: I'm sure everything will be alright, Ruby. Oh, I know what will cheer you up!

Yang produces a cylindrical package the length of her forearm.

Ruby: What's that?

Yang: I don't know yet. Dad sent it to us. I thought we could open it together!

Ruby: Ooooh! Something from home!

Ruby zooms over to Yang and wraps herself around Yang, trying to take the cylinder from her. The package opens, and another cylinder, hairy and black, falls out onto the floor and starts to shake. The object suddenly transforms into a corgi. Team RWBY leans in, staring at it.

The animal barks twice. While Weiss and Blake continue to react with great shock, Ruby and Yang react excitedly, with Ruby jumping in the air. Ruby, still airborne, is depicted among a changing blue background and four shots of the dog, two full body shots and two headshots. She then poses as she shouts the dog's name.

Ruby: Zwei!

Blake: He sent a dog?

Weiss: In the mail?

Yang: Oh, he does stuff like this all the time!

Blake disappears, shown now to be on Ruby's bunk.

Blake: Your father or your dog?

Weiss: Are you telling me that this mangy... drooling... mutt is going to wiv wif us foweva? Oh, yes he is, yes he is! Oh, isn't he adorable!

Blake: Please keep it away from my belongings.

Glynda: (Over the intercom) Would all first-year students please report to the amphitheater?

Weiss: Well, we can't exactly leave him here while we're gone for the week.

Ruby sets Zwei down and he walks over to Blake still on the top bunk, and barks.

Yang: Look, there's a letter! (Zwei arrives in front of Yang) "Dear girls, I've got to leave the island for a few days, so I'm sending Zwei to you to take care of. Enclosed is all the food you should need. Love you both, Taiyang."

Dozens of cans of dog food spill out of the small package, piling up around Zwei.

Weiss: What is he supposed to do with that?

A can opener falls from the package, bouncing off Zwei's head.

Yang: Well, that settles it! Come on girls, Zwei will be here when we get back!

Weiss: (talking to Zwei as she leaves) Oh, I'll miss you so much, we're going to be best friends, I can't wait to see you. (her speech deteriorates into incomprehensible baby talk)

Meanwhile, Blake jumps down from Ruby's bunk and jumps across the table, avoiding Zwei.

Ruby stares at Zwei for a moment, before smiling sneakily.

Ruby is wearing a large backpack as she enters the auditorium with other students. She then puts it down next to other students luggage before rejoining her team, who are standing in front of Team JNPR.

Glynda: Quiet! Quiet please. Professor Ozpin would like to share a few words before we begin.

Ozpin: Today we stand together, united. Mistral. Atlas. Vacuo. Vale. The four Kingdoms of Remnant. On this day, nearly eighty years ago, the largest war in recorded history came to an end. It was a war of ignorance, of greed, and of oppression. A war that was about much more than where borders fell or who traded with whom, but about the very idea of individualism itself. We fought for countless reasons, one of which being the destruction of all forms of art and self-expression. And as you are well aware, that was something many could not stand for. As a result, those who opposed this tyranny began naming their children after one of the core aspects of art itself: color. It was their way to demonstrate that not only would they refuse to tolerate this oppression, but neither were the generations to come. And it was a trend that is held to this very day. We encourage individuality, expressionism, and unity through diversity. As I have said, today we stand together, united. But this bond cannot exist without effort. Which is why today, while the rest of the world celebrates peace, Huntsmen and Huntresses will work to uphold it. As first year students, you will be tasked with shadowing a professional Huntsman or Huntress on a mission. Some of you may be taken out of the Kingdom for several days. Others may work within the walls for the rest of the week. But no matter which path you choose, remember to be safe, remember your training, and remember to do your very best.

Ozpin steps away as the students all begin to file out of the amphitheater.

Ruby: This is perfect! All we have to do is shadow a Huntsman working in the southeast!

Yang: Yeah! We'll follow them around by day and give them the slip by night!

Weiss: Let's check "search and destroy"!

Team RWBY approaches a hologram screen.

Ruby: Here we go! Quadrant 5 needs Grimm cleared out!

Blake: Well, it's in the southeast!

Yang: Sounds perfect!

Ruby selects it and types in her team name. However, the screen says that first years are not allowed to take this mission.

Weiss: Wonderful!

Blake: Any other ideas?

Ruby: We mail ourselves there!

Ozpin: (offscreen) Well, that's one option.

Ozpin suddenly appears.

Ozpin: Unfortunately, we determined that the concentration of Grimm was too extreme for first-year students. It seems that particular region is rather popular. In fact, I have the sneaking suspicion that you four will make your way there no matter which job you choose.

Weiss, Blake, and Yang glare at Ruby, who nervously rubs her head.

Ruby: Whatever makes you say that?

Ozpin: I'm still curious how you all found yourself at the docks last semester. I'm interested to know how you really learned about a hideout in the southeast. And I certainly wonder why witnesses reported seeing robots and rose petals in a dance club some time ago.

Ruby: Um... well...

Ozpin: I doubt I'll ever find the exact answers I'm looking for. So how about this: instead of waiting for you all to break the rules, why don't we just bend them?

Ozpin selects some things on his scroll, and the hologram screen makes a noise.

Ruby: We won't let you down. Thank you, professor.

Ozpin: Do not thank me for this. Teamwork and persistence have carried you far. But you must understand, the things that await you beyond the protection of the Kingdom will not care. Stay close to your Huntsman at all times, and do exactly as he says. He will be leading you on this mission, and he can have you sent back to Beacon, if he finds your skills to be unsatisfactory. Good luck.

Team RWBY have left the auditorium and are on their way to the airship that will take them to Quadrant 5.

Yang: That wasn't exactly uplifting.

Blake: But it's the truth.

Ruby: It's gonna to be tough, but I know we can do it!

A student runs past the team.

Student: Hey! Team CFVY is back!

Beacon students gather around to witness the return of Team CFVY. Blake goes up to Velvet Scarlatina.

Blake: Velvet? Are you okay?

Velvet: I'm fine. I had Yatsuhashi to look out for me.

Weiss: Your mission was supposed to end a week ago! What happened?

Velvet: Nothing happened. It was just ... there were just so many... (she looks up and notices Team RWBY's worried expressions) Oh, but don't worry. You first-years are just shadowing Huntsmen, so you should be fine.

Yang: Right.

Velvet: I should go. Be safe, okay?

Ruby: We can do this. We've never backed down before, and we're not going to start now.

Blake: Right.

Ruby: Besides, it won't only be us out there! We'll be fighting alongside a genuine Huntsman!

Yang: Yeah!

The scene immediately cuts to Team RWBY staring with various stunned expressions, having just discovered who they will be shadowing.

Oobleck: Why, hello girls! Who's ready to fight for their lives?

Camera cuts to black as the ending credits are rolled.


Minor Characters
  • Student voiced by Jacob Strickler


  • This episode continues to show Blake's cat-like nature with the appearance of Zwei. When the dog appears, she stays as far from him as possible and jumps over a table to avoid him.
  • After the episode's credits, a teaser image for X-Ray and Vav is shown.
  • If one looks closely at the group of Atlas students when Ozpin draws attention to them in his speech, one can see a student who looks exactly like Ruby. Later during the same speech, a student bearing a striking resemblance to Nora (with hair of a slightly different color) can also be spotted among them.
  • The mission Team CFVY went on is expanded upon in RWBY: After the Fall.
  • The events of "Field Trip" are re-told in Chapter 14 and Chapter 15 of RWBY: The Official Manga.

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