White Fang

Fennec Albain was a member of the White Fang before his death. When Adam Taurus ordered the Menagerie branch of the White Fang to assassinate the Belladonna family and be in Blake Belladonna to him, Fennec was shown to be willing to do so for the White Fang. During the attempt however, Fennec ends up getting killed by falling debris and the Dust inside his weapon exploding.

White Fang

Corsac Albain

Corsac Albain was Fennec's brother. They were never seen apart from each other and were always seen together. They got along and maintain a balanced relationship. In "A Perfect Storm", he showed concern for his brother after he got struck by Ghira Belladonna. They worked together very well and they combined their attacks in perfect sync in battle. In "True Colors", Corsac mourns the loss of his death and was arrested along with the other White Fang members who were responsible for the attempted assassination of Ghira and Kali Belladonna.

Adam Taurus

Adam was Fennec's superior. Along with his brother, he seemed to agree with Adam's motive and was willing to tell him about Blake Belladonna's location. In "Necessary Sacrifice", after Adam gave him and his brother orders to assassinate Blake's parents and bring Blake back to him alive, he found his behavior disturbing. However, he and his brother only saw him as a means to an end who had his faults and were willing to discard him if necessary.[1]

Following his death, it is unknown if Adam knew he was killed or if he even cared.

Ilia Amitola

Fennec was Ilia's superior. He was aware of Ilia's previous friendship with Blake and wants to manipulate her into assassinating Blake's parents and bring Blake to Adam as it is necessary to their mission. In "True Colors", he tells Ilia to fight when she hesitated and afterwards lost her will to fight.


Ghira Belladonna

Fennec appeared to respect him even after he stepped down as the High leader of the White Fang. However, after receiving orders from Adam, he and his brother, had no problem following orders to assassinate Ghira. In "Alone Together", he and Corsac were willing to fight him without hesitation. In "True Colors", Fennec attempted to kill Ghira while he was still holding the balcony, but Blake pulled Ghira to safety and Fennec was crushed by the balcony and killed.


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