The High Council had their suspicions of a splinter group, but they could prove nothing until this latest incident.
—Fennec Albain, about the White Fang

Fennec Albain was an antagonist in RWBY. He first appeared in the Volume 4 episode "Menagerie" alongside his brother Corsac Albain. He was a representative of the White Fang on the Menagerie continent. His weapon of choice was one of Cyclone and Inferno laced with either Fire or Wind Dust, with his brother wielding the other.

After a fierce battle in the Belladonna Family Home, Fennec attempted to kill Ghira Belladonna, but Blake Belladonna pulled her father out of the way just as a heavy piece of a falling balcony crushed Fennec. The Dust in his weapon exploded from the impact, killing him.


Fennec wore a red hood that functioned partially as a cloak made of two pieces of cloth held together by buttons and string. Holes were cut in the top for his fox ears. He wore a black tunic with two sections extending farther down than the rest at his front. White trimming defined the shape of the hood and tunic. He also wore detached white sleeves, bound at the mid-bicep and the wrists. Black gloves served that function and were attached to his middle fingers. His white pants were pleated. He wore black open-toed sandals with fabric extending up to his knees.


Fennec is a dark-skinned man who wears his hair styled in a mohawk with shaved sides. He is a fox Faunus whose trait is a pair of fox ears, and is noticeably shorter than his brother. 

Fennec was not too dissimilar from his brother personality-wise. He was a rather soft-spoken individual, but this belied the lengths he was willing to go to promote the White Fang's beliefs in what was best for the Faunus. However, unlike Corsac, Fennec was more hesitant of Adam Taurus' leadership due to having acknowledged the questionable state of Adam's mental health and drastic measures he is willing to take. He was willing to follow Adam's leadership regardless but overall questioned if it was truly beneficial to the White Fang. This doubt, however, was alleviated at Corsac's assurances. He also showed concern for his brother when he is attacked by Ghira twice.

Like Corsac, Fennec appeared to be manipulative, convincing Ilia Amitola that assassinating Ghira and Kali Belladonna was necessary and that Ilia should have used her former friendship with Blake to help accomplish this.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

In "Alone Together", he and his brother showed leadership skills as they led the assault and both were seen wielding spiral patterned daggers. In "A Perfect Storm", it was shown that their weapons could be loaded with Dust. Fennec's was seen channeling wind Dust, which could be combined with his brother's fire Dust.


  • The Albains were planned pre-Volume 1 and were intended to be the original antagonists of the Volume before Roman Torchwick's role was expanded.[2] One of the revealed ideas was for them to use Grimm liquid during the Beacon Academy Initiation.[3]
  • Fennec was most likely named after a species of fox known as the Fennec Fox, which are most commonly known for their abnormally large ears.
  • Fennec and his brother may allude to Tabaqi from the Jungle book. Tabaqi was a Jackal that fed on Scraps from Shere Khan and the wolves of the Seeonee pack.


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