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I’ve got my shield up; that’s my natural state of being!
—Fenix Nemean

Fenix Nemean is a character that appears in RWBY: The Grimm Campaign.[1]


Fenix is a lion Faunus with red hair that cuts around his shoulders. He has a growing beard, and wears a red cape trimmed with yellow marks and fur that covers a brown, sleeveless shirt. His outfit serves as armor.


Fenix is described as having a foolhardy sense of courage and a deep-running sense of honor. However deep his good graces may run, however, he's said to be a bit different when he's angry. Fenix is a charismatic leader, having been raised in the western regions of Vacuo, but is quick to anger. He is a food person, being easily enthralled by it. He is prone to get emotional if someone offers him food. He believes in the values of teamwork and is protective of his partners.

He is also shown attempting to be friendly with Team SMMK when they first met and Sil put their tab on Fenix. After learning that Sil only did this to avoid paying himself and rudely told Fenix to leave them, he got angry and started a fight between the two teams. He was also shown to be reluctantly okay with Asher Mora using his Scroll to pay for the team and use it to keep contact info from their contacts.

Fenix is also shown to be good at convincing people, such as when he convinced Daff not to report them at Pastel Manor due to breaking the rules about eating on the job. He showed this again when he learned that Daff had joined the Wave and successfully convinced him to help them stop the crime syndicate instead. Fenix was also able to fool Khaki while he was disguised as Tacco delivery man and avoided her suspicions.

While not as prone to using violence as his teammates Asher and Arrastra Skye, Fenix is willing to use lethal force opponents if he feels that it is necessary or that they deserve it, as shown when he used a turret to shoot at Sil in attempt to kill him.

When his team later found Lemon bleeding to death after she was attacked by Abigail Pyre, Fenix decided to place her on the bed in her private quarters despite her having been their enemy. He and the rest of his team left her to bleed to death to go after Abigail when she took control of the ship.

Powers and Abilities

As a Lion Faunus, he has nocturnal vision.


Main article: Pandora's Aegis

Fenix's weapons of choice are Pandora's Aegis, a pair of bronze, arm-mounted brass claws which can convert into arm-mounted shields.


Main article: Beast Mode

Fenix's Semblance, Beast Mode, causes him to enter a berserker rage, increasing his physical capabilities. However, he can be forced out of it if he becomes charmed, incapacitated, stunned, or unconscious. When he enters Beast Mode, it becomes harder for him to maintain his humanity.



  • Fenix's last name refers to the Nemean lion, a vicious monster in Greek mythology that lived at Nemea. It was eventually killed by Heracles, and it could not be killed with mortals' weapons because its golden fur was impervious to attack.

Color Naming Rule

  • Fenix is a name meaning "dark red".


  • Chris Kokkinos, Fenix's player and creator thinks Fenix wasn't the leader of his school team and was only there because of his strength.[2]


  • When thinking of Fenix's design, Chris Kokkinos wanted to highlight his Grecian heritage, asking artist Nick Swift to do so.[3]
  • Out of the four protagonists of RWBY: The Grimm Campaign, Fenix is mechanically the hardest character to manage.
  • Many Faunus have additional elements in their design that tie into their animal traits: Fenix's brass claws reference the claws of a lion and his fur trim collar references lion fur.[4]


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