The Faunus protesters.

The Faunus Civil Rights Protest was an event that took place during or prior to the events of "Ruby Rose".

Though it was clear the Faunus are protesting for their rights, the exact demands of the protest was unclear.


At the root of the protest was the way the Faunus were treated like second-rate citizens in Remnant, though not much was known about the protest or the exact nature of their treatment at this point of the series.


In "Ruby Rose", while the new students are flying to Beacon Academy, Lisa Lavender reports on the protest during a news segment on the Vale News Network. The protest was disrupted by a group known as the White Fang. Before anything else can be learned, the video is replaced by a holographic image of Glynda Goodwitch welcoming the new students to Beacon.


  • This event is the first mention of the Faunus and the White Fang.
  • This event is the first appearance of the Faunus in the show itself, and the first appearance of a confirmed Faunus. Blake Belladonna and Adam Taurus had earlier appeared in the "Black" Trailer, but they were not known to be Faunus until "The Stray".