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"My name is Fall," she replied softly. "I am on a journey, and am here to meet my sisters."
—Fall, introducing herself

Fall is a character from the Fairy Tale "The Story of the Seasons" and the first Fall Maiden. She was the older sister of Winter, Summer, and Spring. She was first seen in the episode "Fall" of Volume 3.


Fall was a young girl with short ochre hair and matching eyes. She wears a white shirt with a brown scarf and a long brown skirt.


Fall was a soft spoken and kind-hearted young woman who was wise and caring towards the Wizard. She gives the Wizard the advice to be grateful for what he had.

Powers and Abilities

Maiden Powers

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After receiving powers from the Wizard, Fall showed the ability to manipulate wind. Like the other Maidens, she is able to control other elements.


  • Between "The Four Maidens" and "Fall", the colors of Fall and Summer are swapped.
    • In "Fall", she is magenta
    • In "The Four Maidens", she is orange.
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