Episode 5 - "Extracurricular"Edit

  1. At 1:55, When Pyrrha dodges Cardin's strike, she has both Miló and Akoúo̱ on her back, in addition to the ones in her hands.
  2. Animation - At 5:06, Miló is incorrectly placed in front of Pyrrha Nikos and Mercury Black. Moments later, at 5:11, as Pyrrha grabs Miló behind her back, Miló is layered behind her rather than in front.
  3. At 10:46, Jaune and Pyrrha's positions relative to the roof rotate 90 degrees to the right.
  4. At 11:20, The camera lens on Emerald's Scroll is facing her, but at 11:35, the lens is now facing away from her.

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