For the castle where Salem was locked in during her early life, see Salem's Tower.

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Evernight[1][2] is a castle located in the Land of Darkness and the base of Salem and her subordinates. It is first seen in "The Next Step".


The castle is situated in the Land of Darkness and shares its color scheme of shades of violets, purples, reddish sky and black for shadows. The outside of the castle is not extensively shown, but it seems to be tall or situated on a tall mound.

The entire building is dimly lit, only illuminated by weak candles, the dark sky and sometimes the moon. It seems to be built out of rock and purple crystal and decorated by smaller crystals and candles.

Conference Hall

Conference Hall

The most often seen space of the castle is the conference hall. It is first seen in "The Next Step" when Salem gathers her subordinates for a meeting. The room features a crystal table surrounded by six wooden chairs, four of which belong to Tyrian Callows, Cinder Fall, Hazel Rainart and Arthur Watts. At the end of the table, Salem sits in her crystal throne.

Opposite her throne is a pair of simple wooden double doors that are the only entrance to the room, which leads to the first training room. A number of crystal formations surround the room with white candles on their tops, and behind Salem's throne is a crystal table adorned with several white candles. Above the table is a chandelier made out of branches and crystals. The floor is made of square, reflective tiles.

Following the events of "So That's How It Is", the table was flipped over and the windows of the room were shattered by Salem in a bout of anger. It is unknown if the room was repaired.

Training Rooms

In "Taking Control", Cinder is training her Maiden powers against Beowolves and Beringels in a circular training room. It has a skylight and four entrances, one of which leads to the conference hall. Candles line the entire wall of the room and Salem's emblem is situated in the middle of the ground.

In "Lost", Mercury Black is seen training in a different training hall, which resembles a church hall. The floor is covered by several tatami mats. The windows feature stained glass, and there is a rose window above the entrance. The indentations in the walls are filled with candles.


On the outside, the castle features a landing deck that leads to an archway and stairs up to a door to the inside. In "So That's How It Is", a portion of the castle's exterior is visible from the landing deck, where Hazel, Mercury and Emerald land from Haven Academy with a Mistral Airship. The view of the castle's exterior reveals that at least part of it is made of crystal.

Below the castle is a piece of flat land covered in Grimm Pools that can easily be seen from the conference hall. Beowolves are seen spawning in "The Next Step", and Salem is seen evolving Beringels in "Our Way".


The castle is first seen in "The Next Step" when Salem's subordinates meet up in the castle's conference hall. Mercury and Emerald watch through a window as Beowolves spawn from black pools in the wasteland. Salem then enters, and they have a meeting.

In "Of Runaways and Stowaways", Salem coaches Cinder on how to use her powers.

In "Taking Control", Cinder is training in the training room against Beringels with Salem overseeing. Then Tyrian walks in after having his tail cut off.

In "No Safe Haven", Salem, Emerald and Mercury watch as Cinder burns an image of Ruby Rose.

In "Dread in the Air", Watts and Leonardo Lionheart use a Seer to contact Salem from Haven and report about the location of the Spring Maiden. Cinder is with Salem and is keen to know Ruby's location after Lionheart reveals the presence of Qrow Branwen. Salem orders Cinder to take her team and go to Raven Branwen. After the report is finished, Cinder speaks privately to Salem, airing her frustrations about allying with bandits as well as keeping Ruby alive. Salem reassures Cinder and concludes the conversation by advising Cinder to be cautious in future encounters with Ruby.

In "Haven's Fate", Salem oversees the Attack on Haven from her conference hall, and when it fails and Leonardo tries escaping, she makes the Seer kill him.

In "So That's How It Is", Hazel, Emerald and Mercury return from their failed attack on Haven. They land their airship on the castle's landing pad, welcomed by Tyrian. Salem is disappointed by their failure. Hazel then mentions that Ozpin has reincarnated into a new host, enraging Salem to the point of shattering every window in the hall.

In "Lost", Mercury is training while Emerald questions why he joined Cinder. Their conversation grows heated, and they fight before Tyrian enters the room and reveals Watts gave him a new tail.

In "Our Way", Mercury, Emerald and Hazel watch through the broken windows of the conference hall as Salem uses her powers to mutate Beringels, giving them wings and creating an army of flying gorillas.


All members of Salem's Inner Circle spend extensive amounts of time in the castle, but any personal quarters have not been shown.

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  • Other names for the castle were Salem's Tower[4] (unofficial), Salem's Keep[5] (unofficial) or her Citadel[6] (unofficial).
  • It heavily resembles the castle Salem and Ozma lived in while posing as gods. It is most likely not the same building as the original castle was destroyed and Evernight is located in the Land of Darkness.
  • According to Kerry Shawcross in a Reddit AMA, the name Evernight was a joke in the script meant to convey to the crew how it always looked like night and that he was unsure if it was going to stay as the castle's official name or not.[5]


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