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Ever After[1] is a world beyond Remnant that could be accessed beneath the Evacuation Central Location. Following Cinder's attack on the central location, Team RWBY, Jaune, and Neo fell into the void and found themselves in Ever After. It is the main setting of Volume 9.


Underneath the pathways, another world could be accessed by falling into the void, as this was where Crescent Rose and Ruby Rose landed after falling.

The shore is covered in sand and palm trees. More inland a large cliff towers over the shore.

Ever After's main feature is a gigantic tree with cloud like green, purple and yellow leaves. The gigantic tree sits on top of a cliff surrounded by seemingly regularly sized palm trees. The cliff towers over the shore that is also covered by palm trees before turning into a sandy beach with yellowish water.

The sandy beach is covered by curvy palm trees, purple bushes and orange plants and features giant seashells and sea stars. It also features two suns in the sky.

The world is also inhabited by animals such as a dodo-like bird and mice. Unlike Remnant, these animals somehow have the ability to speak such as a mouse Ruby met and called Little.

Team RWBY also seem to be the only humans there, since Little doesn't seem to have heard of or seen humans before when they asked Ruby what she was.


As the evacuations take place in the central location, Cinder Fall and Neopolitan attack Team RWBY, Penny, and Jaune Arc. During the fight, Team RWBY and Neo are knocked into the void. Cinder dispels the location, removing it to create more flames on Atlas and by extension disconnecting it from Remnant. During this, Jaune also falls into the void as the Evacuation Location is destroyed.

It was later revealed that when Crescent Rose fell into the void, it was sent to a mysterious shore with a giant tree overlooking it, in the Ever After.

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  • Ever After is named after the ending phrase from Fairy Tales. Many fairy tales ended by saying that the characters in the story lived happily ever after.
  • The dimension of Ever After could allude to Wonderland and Looking-Glass World from Lewis Carroll's books "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking-Glass".
  • The giant tree may be a reference to Yggdrasil, an immense and sacred tree from Norse mythology that has the Nine Realms surrounding it.
  • Ever After doesn't seem to work the same logically as Remnant. For example, when Ruby attempts to walk towards the giant tree in a straight path, she somehow keeps ending up back at where she started. Similarly, the weather appears to be based on emotions, as it suddenly begins to rain when Ruby starts crying and later dissipates after she calmed down a few seconds later.

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