You're in denial. And if you're gonna start having a crisis of identity or some crap... keep me out of it.
—Mercury, to Emerald before she starts to attack him

"Emerald vs. Mercury" is a fight that takes place in the episode "Lost" while talking at Salem's Inner Circle's base of operations.

Preceding EventsEdit

It starts off with Emerald Sustrai asking Mercury Black why he joined her and Cinder Fall, and he replies that he wanted to and that it felt right. Emerald tells him about Cinder, that she was like family to her and taught her everything she did not know. However, Mercury thinks that she is in denial and that she does not accept that Cinder never cared about them.

The FightEdit

Emerald angrily attempts to attack him for insulting Cinder while Mercury tells her about his past and the reason why he has to become stronger, due to his father stealing his Semblance. The fight gets interrupted by Tyrian Callows, who had been eavesdropping on their conversation.

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