Season 1Edit

Evil PlansEdit

Then... Maybe we shouldn't have the evil plans out in the open like that?
—Emerald, to Cinder
They're messing with us, right?
—Emerald, to Cinder about Ruby and Nora

Season 2Edit

Girls Rock!Edit

What are you talking about? It's just that goofy Jaune guy who's always falling over stuff.
—Emerald, to Roman and Neo about the HuntsMan's true identity

Must Be NiceEdit

Yeah... I don't really understand how this is supposed to work. It's clearly just a cake with a stick of dynamite in it.
—Emerald, to Cinder about her booby trapped cake

Season 3Edit

Prank WarEdit

Mercury, maybe you aren't as dumb as you look.
—Emerald, to Mercury
Prank queen.
—Emerald, to herself after she won the Prank War

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