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Emblems are a common feature on Remnant that are used to represent a person and can be compared to personal signatures. They are commonly found adorning weapons and armor but have also appeared on clothing, personal equipment, and even as tattoos. Some characters, such as Ruby Rose, put their emblem on many of her belongings while others, like Raven Branwen have not even been seen in the show, only revealed by merchandise.

The designs of the emblems can be objects, flowers, animals, illustrations, geometrical shapes and even letters and symbols. Their inspirations can range from the character's name - such as Ruby Rose - their inspiration - such as Cinder Fall - or even their weapon - such as Pyrrha Nikos. While some - like Arslan Altan and Neopolitan - use real-life symbols.

Emblems are typically unique, but some are used by multiple people. The Schnee family all share their symbol that is also used for the Schnee Dust Company. Some family members share designs, Ruby shares her design with her mother, Summer Rose while some - like Yang Xiao Long and Taiyang Xiao Long - have unique symbols. Then there are the Branwen twins, Qrow and Raven, that have similar designs.

While often associated with a character's personal color, emblems can appear in any color.


Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose Emblem.svg

Ruby's Emblem is a rose, which Monty Oum described as a "scatter" rose.[1] She shares this emblem with her mother, Summer Rose.

Ruby's Semblance Petal Burst gives her inhuman speeds and allows her to turn into a cloud of rose petals. rose flower. Ruby's last name Rose and her Semblance allows her to turn into rose petals.

Ruby's last name is also Rose.

It most commonly appears in red, black or silver.

This emblem appears on some of Ruby's possessions:

  • Original battle outfit - her belt buckle.
  • The ear pieces of her headphones.
  • The cover of her journal, seen in "The Shining Beacon, Pt.2".
  • "Slayer" alternate outfit - on her skirt.
  • Her wallet
  • Mistral battle outfit - the buckle on her cape.
  • Atlas battle outfit - her belt buckle.

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  • From Volume 4 to Volume 6, the emblem on her outfit was mirrored, which could have been an oversight.

Weiss Schnee

Weiss White Emblem.svg

Weiss' emblem is a stylized depiction of a snowflake. She shares her emblem with the rest of her family and her family's company.

The snowflake Emblem ties to Weiss' allusion to Snow White.

Both Weiss and Winter often use Ice Dust and are nicknamed "Ice Queen" due to their cold personalities.

It most commonly appears in white or light blue.

This emblem appears on some of Weiss' possessions:

  • Original battle outfit - on the back of her bolero
  • On some of the vials of powdered Dust she had packed in "The Shining Beacon"
  • Pajamas - on the upper right side of her chest
  • In her normal glyphs
  • "Snow Pea" alternate outfit - on the back of her coat
  • On her debit card
  • In the Volume 3 version of her Arma Gigas summoning glyph and in the Volume 4 version of her Arma Gigas summoning glyph.
  • Timeskip outfit - on the back of her shrug
  • Occasional outft - on the back of her shrug
  • In her Boarbatusk summoning glyph
  • Atlas battle outfit - on the left sleeve

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Blake Belladonna

Blake Belladonna Emblem.svg

Blake's emblem is a stylized depiction of a belladonna flower.

It most commonly appears in black or purple.

This emblem appears on some of Blake's possessions:

  • Original battle outfit - the outer side of each of her stockings, on the thigh.
  • Gambol Shroud - on the hilt.
  • Pajamas - on the right breast.
  • "Intruder" alternate outfit - on the left side of her shirt.
  • Mistral battle outfit - the outer side of each of her boots, on the thigh. It is partially obscured by a strap on the left boot.
  • Backpack - a keychain on the backpack she has in Volume 6.
  • Atlas battle outfit - pouch on her belt.
  • Gambol Shroud (upgraded) - on the hilt.

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Yang Xiao Long

Yang Xiao Long Emblem.svg

Yang's emblem is a burning heart.

The emblem can relate to her Burn Semblance as well as possibly her fiery personality.

It most commonly appears in yellow or black.

This emblem appears on some of her possessions:

  • Original battle outfit - on the left breast of her shirt and right front of her leather half-skirt.
  • On her motorcycle helmet.
  • Pajamas - on her tanktop.
  • "Hunter" alternate outfit - on the outer side of each of her stockings, on the thigh.
  • Timeskip "DGAS" outfit - on the right leg of her pants.
  • Luggage - on the side of the luggage she has in Volume 6.
  • Atlas battle outfit - a belt buckle

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Jaune Arc

Jaune Arc Emblem.svg

The emblem Jaune uses is a rainbow,[2] passed down through his father's side of his family.

The Emblem is in the shape of an arc, which is Jaune's last name.

"Arc" may come from the French word arc-en-ciel, meaning "rainbow".

The Emblem is in the shape of two moons and his voice actor's last name is Luna, is Latin for Moon.

It most commonly appears in yellow.

The rainbow emblem appears on a couple of Jaune's possessions:

  • On the front of his shield.
  • Original battle outfit - on the soles of his shoes, in Volume 1.

At one point, it was stated that Jaune possesses another emblem. His "true symbol", according to Miles Luna, is on his hoodie, hidden under his chestplate.[3] In "The Next Step", the symbol is revealed to be the mascot for Pumpkin Pete's Marshmallow Flakes cereal. This mascot symbol is also seen on his pajamas in "The Shining Beacon, Pt.2", with a clearer view seen in "Breach". However, due to the nature of the emblem, it is believed that Miles was joking with the audience as evidenced by his laughter when he shared this fact, and that the symbol is simply a fashion choice rather than a genuine emblem.

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Nora Valkyrie

Nora Valkyrie Emblem.svg

Nora's emblem is a hammer with a lightning bolt going through it.

Nora's Emblem heavily relates to her allusion to Thor, the Norse god of lightning who wielded a hammer Mjölnir. Her Semblance allows her to generate lightning and her Weapon is a hammer.

It most commonly appears in pink.

This emblem appears on some of Nora's possessions:

  • On the head of her hairbrush.
  • Original battle outfit - on the back of her shirt.
  • Pajamas - on her Boop shirt.
  • On the ear pieces of her headphones.
  • Timeskip battle outfit - on the back of her jacket.
  • Suitcase - on the suitcase she has in Volume 6.
  • Atlas battle outfit - armlet on her left bicep.

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Nora's lightning heart symbol

  • While Nora has an Emblem, she also appears to have a secondary symbol that appears on her possessions; a heart with lightning going through it appears on Magnhild and her workout outfit.

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Pyrrha Nikos

Pyrrha Nikos Emblem.svg

Pyrrha's Emblem was a spear laid across a shield.

When placed together on Pyrrha's back, her weapons Miló and Akoúo̱ resembled her Emblem.

It most commonly appeared in red.

This Emblem appeared on two of her possessions:

  • Battle outfit - on the metal disc attached to her sash.
  • Weapon - on a circular piece on Miló.

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Lie Ren

Lie Ren Emblem.svg

Ren's Emblem is a stylized depiction of a lotus flower. His father, Li Ren, shared this emblem and had it on the sheath of his dagger.

It most commonly appears in pink or green.

This Emblem appears on one of Lie Ren's possessions:

  • StormFlower - on the side of the grip of each gun.
  • Atlas battle outfit - a belt buckle.

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Cardin Winchester

Cardin Winchester Emblem2.svg

Cardin's Emblem is a stylized cardinal bird. It appears to his breastplate.

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Russel Thrush

Russel Thrush Emblem.svg

Russel's Emblem is a stylized bird and appears on his wrist bracers.

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Dove Bronzewing

Dove Bronzewing Emblem J 1.svg

Dove's Emblem is a stylized dove and is featured on his belt buckle.

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Coco Adel

Coco Emblem.svg

Coco's Emblem is crosshairs. It is featured as her belt buckle.

Her crosshairs belt buckle could be seen as a subtle allusion towards 20th-century fashion designer Coco Chanel double-C logo.

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Fox Alistair


Fox's emblem is circular and appeared in merchandise.

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Velvet Scarlatina

Velvet Scarlatina Emblem improved.svg

Velvet's Emblem is a stitched heart and appears on her weapon. It references her allusion to the stuffed rabbit from The Velveteen Rabbit.

This emblem appears on some of her possessions:

  • Battle outfit - on the left side of her chest.
  • Weapon - on the side of the box.
  • Weapon - on her camera's shutter.

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Yatsuhashi Daichi


Yatsuhashi's Emblem is in the shape of Yatsuhashi the food.

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Sun Wukong

Sun Wukong Emblem.svg

Sun's Emblem is a monkey and appears as his necklace. It is a direct reference to his inspiration to the Monkey King and him being a monkey Faunus.

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Scarlet David

Scarlet David Emblem Gold.svg

Scarlet's Emblem is a skull and swords and is featured as his beltbuckle. The Emblem is based on the pirate skull and crossbones symbol called the Jolly Roger and references Scarlet's allusion to Peter Pan and Hook.

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Sage Ayana

Sage Ayana Emblem.svg

Sage's Emblem is wings tattooed on his chest.

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Neptune Vasilias

RWBY Neptune Emblem Vinyl Decal.svg

Neptune's Emblem is a trident that appears on his shoes. It is a reference to his allusion to the Roman god Neptune, who wielded a trident.

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Arslan Altan

Arslan Altan Emblem.svg

Arslan's Emblem is an infinity knot that appears on her sash.

Vol3 Arslan ProfilePic.png

Nadir Shiko

Nadir Shiko Emblem.svg

Nadir's Emblem is a crown with swords and appears on his weapon.

Nadir gun.png


Octavia Ember

Octavia Ember Emblem.svg

Octavia's Emblem appears on her weapon.

Screenshot (602).png


Flynt Coal

Flynt Coal Emblem blue1.svg

Flynt's Emblem appears on his weapon.

Neon Katt

Neon Katt Emblem.svg

Neon's Emblem is a heart and appears on a badge she wears on her chest.

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Summer Rose

Summer Rose Emblem.svg

Summer's Emblem was a rose, which she shared this emblem with her daughter, Ruby Rose.

Summer's last name was also Rose.

V3e1 4.png

Taiyang Xiao Long

Taiyang Xiao Long Emblem.svg

Taiyang's Emblem appears on his right arm.

V3 12 00149.png

Raven Branwen

Raven Branwen emblem S.svg

Raven's Emblem is a winged eye with a clock in its iris. It is a reference to her allusion to Odin's crow.


Qrow Branwen

Qrow emblem red.svg

Qrow's Emblem is a winged eye with a gear in its iris. It is a reference to his allusion to Odin's crow as well as his allegiance to Ozpin.

This Emblem appears on his flask.

The pattern on Qrow's Atlas outfit somewhat resembles his Emblem.

Penny's Team

Penny Polendina

Penny's Emblem.svg

Penny's Emblem was a stylized sword. This seems to be based off her weapon Floating Array.

Ciel Soleil

Ciel Soleil forehead thingy.svg

Ciel's Emblem appears on her forehead.

Ciel ProfilePic Normal.png

Kali Belladonna

Kali Belladonna symbol.svg

Kali's Emblem is a fleur de lys and is features on her belt.

Maria Calavera

Maria calavera emblem.svg

Maria's Emblem is a calavera sugar skull.



Clover Ebi

Clover badge dark green.svg

Clover's Emblem was a four leaf clover and horseshoe and was a reference to his association with good luck. It also references his Semblance Good Fortune and his allusion to "A Fisherman's Good Luck". It was shown to be on his badge which was later taken by Qrow following his death.

V7 03 00118.png

Vine Zeki


Vine's Emblem appeared on his forehead.


Robyn Hill

Robyn and huntresses badge.svg

Robyn's Emblem is a stylized robin that appears on her brooch.

Her Emblem is used by all the Happy Huntresses

Robyn hill and the happy huntress symbol work.jpg

Jacques Schnee

Jacques' Emblem.svg

Jacques's Emblem was an elaborate crest resembling a snowflake. It appears to reference his allusion to Jack Frost.

Jacques Schnee.jpg

Carmine Esclados

Carmine's Emblem Y.svg

Carmine's Emblem is a snake head and is a reference to her nickname "The Rattlesnake of the Sands".

Uyalgo carmine concept art.jpg



Salem Emblem.svg

Salem's Emblem is a complex symbol with a stylized eye surrounded by circles that appears on her Castle ground.

Arthur Watts

Arthur Watts Emblem.svg

Watts' Emblem was his initial and appeared on his Scroll. It first appeared on Cinder Fall's scroll during Volume 3 when she used the virus he created to hack the Atlas Military network.


Tock emblem.svg

Tock' Emblem was a stopwatch and is a reference to her Invulnerability Semblance. It also references her allusion to Tik-Tock the Crocodile from Peter Pan.



Vernal tat 01.svg

Vernal' Emblem was a bird and was featured as her tattoo.

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White Fang

Sienna Khan

Sienna Khan.svg

Sienna' Emblem was a dart and was featured on the edge of her sleeve.

Adam Taurus

Adam Taurus Emblem 2.svg

Adam's Emblem was a rose, which Monty Oum described as a "wilting" rose.[4]

It is a reference to his Beauty and the Beast inspiration as the cursed rose.

It was featured on his back in both his designs, as well as on his weapon.

Cinder's Faction

Cinder Fall

Cinder's Official Emblem.svg

Cinder' Emblem is two shoes and is featured as her tattoo.

It is a reference to her allusion to Cinderella and her glass slippers.

Emerald Sustrai

Emerald's Official Symbol.svg

Emerald's Emblem is a gem and appears on the back of her crop top. It is a reference to both her name and her role as a thief.

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Mercury Black


Mercury 's Emblem is a winget boot and is a reference to his allusion to the Greek god Mercury that wore winged boots.

This Emblem appears on two of his possessions:

  • His sash on his first outfit
  • His jacket on his second outfit

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Roman Torchwick


Roman's Emblem was a jack-o-lantern and it appeared on his Weapon.


Neo's Emblem.svg

Neo's Emblem is a triple tomoe emblem, a mitsudomoe, that appeared on the soles of her shoes on her Vytal Tournament disguise.

Ozpin's Affiliates


Ozpin Emblem.svg

Ozpin's Emblem was a gear within a larger gear. This emblem appeared on two of Ozpin's possessions:

  • A metal circle on the front of his desk.
  • Above the elevators in his office in Beacon Academy.

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Oscar Pine

Oscar emblem.svg

Oscar's Emblem is a gear within a larger gear. It is a lighter version of Ozpin's Emblem.

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Glynda Goodwitch

Glynda Goodwitch Emblem.svg

Glynda's Emblem is a crown that appears on her cape.

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Peter Port

Peter Port Emblem.svg

Port's Emblem is a axe and wolf head, which is a reference to his allusion.

Port emblem Neptune Noir.png

Bartholomew Oobleck


Oobleck's Emblem is a cup of coffee.


Leonardo Lionheart

Lionheart Emblem Screenshot cropped.png

Leonardo's Emblem was a lion head that appeared on his stopwatch.

Lionheart Emblem Screenshot cropped.png



Vale Symbol.svg

Vale's Emblem is a laurel wreath representing the Relic of Choice.

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Atlas Symbol.svg

Atlas's Emblem was a staff within stylized cogs that represented the Relic of Creation as well as Atlas' technology. It may also reference Merlin's magic staff due to Ambrosius alluding to Merlin.

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Vacuo Symbol.svg

Vacuo's Emblem is swords that represent the Relic of Destruction as well as the aggressive culture of the Kingdom.

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Mistral Symbol.svg

Mistral's Emblem is a lantern representing the Relic of Knowledge. It may also reference the magic lamp from "Alladin" due to Jinn alluding to the genie from the tale.

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Lil miss spiders l.svg

Spider's Emblem is a spider on webs which are a reference to her inspiration as Little Miss Muffet and represents her web of information.

Organization members gain this Emblem as tattoos. It is also used to mark areas.

The Glass Unicorn


The Glass Unicorn's emblem is an image of a mythological unicorn with stylized font over it, in reference to the novel, 1944 novel, The Glass Menagerie.

In the novel, the glass unicorn is a figure in protagonist Laura's collection. In the story, unicorns are "extinct" in modern times and are lonesome as a result of being different from other horses. Similarly, Laura too is unusual, lonely, and ill-adapted to existence in the world in which she lives. The fate of the unicorn is also a smaller-scale version of Laura's fate in Scene Seven. When character Jim dances with and then kisses Laura, the unicorn's horn breaks off, and it becomes just another horse. Jim's advances endow Laura with a new normalcy, making her seem more like just another girl, but the violence with which this normalcy is thrust upon her means that Laura cannot become normal without somehow shattering. Eventually, Laura gives Jim the unicorn as a "souvenir." Without its horn, the unicorn is more appropriate for him than for her, and the broken figurine represents all that he has taken from her and destroyed in her.



Merlot Industries' logo was a stylized hexagon "M". The "M" was Merlot's initial and is stylized like a molecule which tied into his company and experiments.

It appeared on Merlot Industries property.

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White Fang

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Shion village symbol.svg

"Shion" is the Romanized spelling of the Japanese word for the Aster tataricus flower. In Japanese floriography, the meaning behind this flower is "I won't forget you" or "Remembrance".

V4 10 00065.png



"Kuroyuri" is the Romanized spelling of the Japanese name for Fritillaria camschatcensis or black lily.

Kuroyuri banner.png

Vytal Festival


The Vytal Festival Emblem combines the symbols of the four Kingdoms.