Volume 7Edit

A New ApproachEdit

I feel so bad, honestly! If we had known who you were, we'd be laughing over a hot meal right now and--
—Elm, to Ruby Rose

Ace OperativesEdit

Ha ha! Perhaps you kids won't get yourselves killed after all!
—Elm, to Team JNR
Let's pick up the pace!
—Elm, to everyone

Pomp and CircumstanceEdit

A massive Sabyr is loose in the Mantle sewers! We need two brave warriors to flush it out!
—Elm, about the mission to everyone

About Elm EderneEdit

She meant that as a compliment.
Vine to Team JNR about Elm

RWBY: Amity ArenaEdit

Ace Operative Elm Ederne, is an excellent agent with a peerless track record. She is the pillar of the team and only second in performance to Clover, who has "luck" on his side. Elm is the quintessential, immovable object in the old adage about it and the irresistable force.

Now that being said, Elm has caught the attention of a certain someone who also uses a hammer and shoots explosives. We're not sure if we heard correctly, but we think it was something about thunder... and thighs?

"Hi~! Do you need a new best friend?" -Nora
RWBY: Amity Arena

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